Become More Patient-Focused by Implementing a Smart Reminder System

Front Office Person Focusing on Patients

We tend to think of appointment reminders as a way to help our business. By decreasing no-show rates, an office can increase their bottom line, boast better patient outcomes, and free up their staff for more revenue-generating tasks.   There’s no denying the fact that reminding clients and patients to show up for their scheduled […]

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Scarcity is Key in Helping Customers Keep Appointments

Appointment Scarcity on Calendar

  People want what they can’t have. They also want things that other people want.   The concept of scarcity can help a business sell just about anything, and it can also help your patients and customers keep their appointments.   In marketing, scarcity works by creating the perception that a resource is limited to […]

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Review Management: The Ultimate Business Owner’s Guide

Hands Holding Review Stars

  Even with a winning idea, the best location, and a killer management team; businesses still need a strong online presence to thrive in today’s digital world. Over 627,000 new businesses open every year, which means thousands of new potential competitors. You need to stand out, and developing your online image is one great way […]

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Frequent Reminders: Why They are a Must for Busy Patients

Busy Person Getting Reminder Message

    Does it seem like everyone is busier than they were just a few years ago? Being busy is a byproduct of our modern, digital age, and is even seen as a status symbol by society. Right or wrong, it’s almost as if you have to be busy to prove that what you’re doing […]

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Finding the Best Cadence for Reminder Messages

Person Getting Reminder Text

  Yes, you can have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to sending reminder messages for appointments.   On the one hand, you want to make sure your patients get timely notifications so that they remember to show up to your office. You also want to give them ample opportunity to […]

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Automate the Success of Your Sales Team With Calendar Reminders

  Have you ever forgotten something important? A crucial ingredient for an elaborate dinner recipe, a family member’s birthday, or an offsite meeting where everyone was relying on you to show up and work your magic?   If only there were a way to keep your commitments organized and scheduled all in one place. Wouldn’t […]

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Optimize NAP Consistency to Help Customers Find Your Reviews

Online Directories

  If you are a small business owner who has personally made an effort to get your business found on Google, there is a good chance that you have run into the term NAP consistency.   NAP consistency stands for name address and phone number consistency and refers to the information that Google has about […]

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How to Keep Your Schedule Full With Quick Fill Text Messages

Appointment Quick Fill Text Message

  If you own a dental or medical practice, there is a high likelihood that you have had to deal with broken appointments. If not, congratulations, you are superhuman… you can stop reading now. For the rest of us,  we’re going to talk about how to fill broken appointments with Weave’s Quick Fill text messages. […]

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