5 Dental Metrics Every Dentist Should Know

Dental Metrics

One of the world’s most famous management consultants is known for saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it,” and, “What gets measured gets managed.” If you recognize these quotes from Peter Drucker, then you already know that you need to be looking at your dental practice’s metrics to understand where you’ve been, […]

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Tech Innovator Weave Announces Company-Wide Executive-Coaching Initiative

Weave to invest over seven figures to nurture mental health and professional development in the workplace    LEHI, UTAH, October 9, 2019–Weave, the premier customer communication platform for small businesses, today announced a seven-figure investment to provide executive coaching to every Weave employee. The announcement was made today in honor of World Mental Health Day. […]

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How a Dental Dashboard Can Create Accountability

Dental Dashboard

Have you ever wished you could spend more time treating patients and less time managing the nitty-gritty details of your business? You know that you should be empowering your staff to handle the day-to-day details so that you can focus on what you do best. However, delegation doesn’t always come naturally, especially if you feel […]

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The Most Actionable Dental Practice Analytics Available

Weave Practice Analytics

Weave’s Dental Practice Analytics lets you and your staff take action on your data instantaneously by integrating seamlessly with your dental practice management software and your phone system. Request a Demo How healthy is your dental practice? When it comes to business, don’t make guesses. Weave’s Practice Analytics shows you metrics and data to keep […]

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4 Dental KPIs that Every Practice Owner Should Know About their Practice

Dental KPI Image

How do you know whether your dental practice is successful? Many practice owners are surprised by this question and not fully prepared to answer. It’s not uncommon to think that if revenue is in the “comfortable” range, you’re doing pretty well. You might also point to a steady flow of new patients along with an […]

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Study Shows Millennials Demand Personalized Care for Their Pets to Remain Loyal to Their Vets

New research shows what drives millennial fidelity, and what drives them away LEHI, UTAH, September 12, 2019 — Weave, the leader in customer communication, today revealed the results of a new, independent survey regarding the significant relationship millennials have with their pets, and the corresponding high expectations of veterinary providers. Millennials have changed American industries […]

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How Weave’s Phone System Solves Small Business Problems

  In today’s marketplace, small businesses face numerous challenges. These challenges include problems as wide-ranging as client dependence, founder dependence, constant fatigue, money management, and the age-old issue of quality versus growth. Factor in the difficulty of surviving in an economy full of well-established companies and multinational corporations and it’s no wonder so many small […]

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What to Look for in a Phone System for Your Small Business

  A modern communications system is vital today’s business world. Although many businesses use communications as diverse as phone calls, texting, online chatting, emailing, postal services, and social media on a regular basis, they neglect to find a system that connects all of these styles of communication. Small businesses are often especially guilty of ignoring […]

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