20 Office Management Tips For An Efficient Practice

Woman typing on a dental practice computer

Efficiency: the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. Isn’t this what we all hope to do with our practices? What could you do with some extra time if you maximized your efficiency? Here are some ways to help make your office hum and free you up to focus […]

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Weave Sales Team Celebrates Record-Breaking Quarter

After an incredible first quarter – the sales team celebrated by going paint balling! Check out some of the pictures of the event. If you’re interested in joining our sales team, check out our careers page. https://weave.workable.com

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Appointment Reminder Templates For Every Touchpoint

Downloadable dental appointment reminder card with time and date

The use of appointment reminders has transformed not only business automation in healthcare, but the patient experience as well. Providers know their patients are busy and may not be diligent in remembering the appointments they have for care. The use of text, e-mail, or physical reminder cards can prove significant in lowering the amount of […]

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Do What Makes Sense

I spend a lot of time in dental offices, observing the day-to-day systems that they use. Frankly, I see a lot of systems, policies, and office flow that don’t make much sense. Let me give you some real-life examples that I have actually observed: Answering the phones with “Dr. Smith’s office, how may I direct […]

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34 Ways To Increase Your Patient Retention

Patient retention is built on touchpoint blog section header with four faces

Patient retention is defined in the same way any successful relationship is: By having positive touchpoints. This collection of touchpoints is the determining factor in how likely any patient is to continue with your practice or leave for a competing practice. Positive touchpoints don’t often just happen, however. A proactive approach must be taken to […]

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Our Promise to Our Customers

Dear Customer, With 2017 now upon us, I want to take an opportunity to let you know that we have been working around the clock to make drastic improvements to our underlying infrastructure to deliver the service that you expect from us. We believe that all of the major kinks have been worked out, but […]

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9 Easy Ideas to Better Connect With and Create More Loyal Patients

Do you know what your patients really want? Let’s start by saying—we, in no way, are saying that we can read their minds, but we do know of an organization that has dedicated a lot of time and effort to finding out. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) conducted a recent study on what motivates consumers. […]

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End 2016 With a BANG!

10 Simple Ways for Your Practice to Close Out 2016 on a High-Note! The end of the year can be stressful. You want to get things done so that, when the holidays arrive, you can spend time to spend with family and friends. Your employees are taking time off for vacation and that dreaded tax […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Giving Thanks to Your Patients

Let’s face it: patients don’t refer your practice to their friends because a teeth cleaning is so wonderfully thorough or because an eye exam is so stellar. In fact, you’ve probably never heard a patient proclaim, “What a fantastic teeth cleaning!” as they high-five you and your team on their way out the door. Although you […]

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