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Call Analytics

Do you know when (time of day) you are missing most calls? Or how many calls are coming from current customers or potential customers?

Weave Call Analytics shows you:

  • Total calls
  • Total placed calls
  • Total missed/answered calls
  • Call tracking (which number was dialed)
  • Call volume
  • Call source (current customer or non-customer)

Learn when you need more team members
at the front desk based on number of missed calls!

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Payment Analytics

Better manage your collections with Weave’s Payment Analytics.

You’ll see:

  • Invoice history (payment requests
    sent, captured, refunded, etc.)
  • Payments ($ captured, refunded)
  • Payouts ($ captured and going to your
    bank account)
payment analytics
practice analytics
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Practice Analytics

Weave Practice Analytics is the easiest and smartest analytics tool to understand and improve your dental practice.

  • Active Patients
  • Unscheduled Patients
  • Canceled Patients Unscheduled
  • New Patients Unscheduled

And take action from the dashboard! In the Practice Analytics dashboard, you’ll see the list of unscheduled patients. You can contact them (email, text message, or call) right from the dashboard to get them scheduled for an appointment right away.

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Custom Lists

See all your data in one place! Easily see customer birthdays, overdue patients, collections and take immediate action by sending a text or calling.

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Weave’s Smart Technology helps you do more with less.

+ Administrator in Medical Practice

“We have less empty spots in the schedule. We are able to fill our openings either that are empty to start or happen last-minute with cancellations without having to make a ton of calls.”

+ Veterinary Clinic Owner

“The best features in my opinion are the text messaging and call analytics.”

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