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Practice and patient preferred, built seamlessly into Weave

Complete payment processing

Medical and dental practices have a more unique challenge to collect payment, as often the patient consumer has left the office when it’s time to get paid. Using Weave’s communication platform and integrated payment processing solutions will streamline your billing workflow and simplify the hassle of communicating and collecting balances post care.

Let Weave handle all your payment processing needs and consolidate office functions into a single easy-to-use system. That’s one less platform to manage, one less invoice to pay, and one less system to work with.

Completely transparent

Flat-rate pricing

Keep your monthly expenses predictable with simplified pricing. One rate for taking payments with a card and another for without one. No upfront, recurring, or hidden fees—just flat rates no matter the card brand or card type.

A comprehensive processing solution

Full Processing

Get paid and keep patients/customers happy by accepting all the most popular payment options. Let your customers tap, dip, or swipe, text them a link to pay online, charge a card on file, or enter their card information manually.

Improve collections with just a text

Text to Pay

Instead of chasing clients to pay their bills, simply send their invoice directly via text with a personalized message. Patients can pay their bills from any device instantly using the convenient payment link.

Buy Now, Pay-over-time

Drive more business, delight more customers

Our integration with Sunbit enables customers to spread their payments over time, letting them get the care or service they need and helping you serve more happy customers.


Now It’s Easy To Collect Outstanding Balances Even Faster

Patients love how quickly they can check-out after appointments, and we love how quickly daily reports can be done now that we don’t have to verify payments through multiple systems. We have been big fans of the ease and functionality of Weave’s software & systems since we first transitioned in 2017, and Weave Payments is no exception to this. We’ll never go back!

Cambria Kendall
Office Manager, Village Dental

The ability for our patients to be sent a payment link to meet their financial commitments has provided the practice with a huge benefit.

Sarah Shaughnessy
Director of Operations, Advanced Orthodontic Specialistson G2

Recently, our practice has adopted the Weave POS system, another wonderful addition. It saves money on fees, while making taking payments (and even processing returns) fast and painless. The POS systems itself are wonderful because we're able to take the credit card machines on the go or manually process credit cards if we're not near a terminal. Even the text to pay aspect is cost effective because we're able to text patients bills without having to mail them out (paying for postage). I'm sure, as a practice, we aren't even utilizing Weave to it's fullest capability, but it has already improved our practice and quality of care.

Jess Plitt
Office Manager, Barrington Eyecare
*Submitted as an entry to Weave's 'Most Improved Practice' contest.
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