Weave Payments
Payment options

Convenient for your customers.

More payment options means your customers can pay however they want. Choose from in office payments, mobile card payments, manual card entry, or even Text To Pay, an innovative feature that allows your customers to pay instantly from a mobile device. Just text, click, and it’s paid.

Payment options
Safe and secure
Safe and secure

And convenient for you

A full payments solution that’s included for free with Weave’s powerful business toolbox. Signing up and registering terminals is fast and easy.

  • No contracts
  • No processing minimums or maximums
  • No credit checks

Convenient and simple. Safe and secure. Weave Payments supports HIPAA compliance for medical customers!


Completely transparent pricing

Flat rate processing, no matter what card brand, what card type.

And every office location gets a free terminal (a $300 value with NO hardware leasing fees).

Plus no upfront, monthly/annual, or PCI-compliance fees. Completely transparent.

*New terminal coming soon.

Completely transparent pricing
One less system to manage
One system

One less system to manage

Let Weave handle all your payment processing and merchant services and consolidate office functions into a single easy-to-use system. That’s one less platform to manage. One less invoice to pay. And one less system to work with.

Faster payment processing and greater efficiency for you. More payment options and greater satisfaction for your customers.


Personalize your payment experience

Customize your customer invoice or payment page with your billing information, company name and logo.

Provide friendly billing with personalized messages to customers without any hassle! Simply use pre-filled message templates and shortcodes to quickly personalize your texts and payment requests.

Personalize your payment experience
Call Analytics
Payment History

Manage your collections.

Better manage your collections with Weave’s Payment History.

You’ll see:

  • Invoice history (payment requests sent, captured, refunded, etc.)
  • Payments ($ captured, refunded)
  • Payouts ($ captured and going to your bank account)


Now It’s Easy To Collect Outstanding Balances Even Faster


Office Manager
“Once [patients] know we have Text-To-Pay, they say, 'oh, just send me that text thing…. we were excited that we didn't have to call everybody'”

Cambria Kendall

Office Manager, Village Dental
“We have been a beta customer of Weave Payments for over a month and our payment processing has never been easier! Patients love how quickly they can check-out after appointments, and we love how quickly daily reports can be done now that we don’t have to verify payments through multiple systems. We have been big fans of the ease and functionality of Weave’s software & systems since we first transitioned in 2017, and Weave Payments is no exception to this. We’ll never go back!”
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