Team Chat

HIPAA compliant team communication for businesses who need to keep conversations confidential. Team Chat provides a united space for conversations that are work-and-team-focused.

Some features your team will love.

HIPAA Compliant
Privacy is essential to your clients and your business. Weave’s Team Chat meets HIPAA standards to provide a safe space to have needed conversations about work and your patients/clients.

Conversation History
Can’t quite remember a conversation you had? Not a problem. Team Chat provides a history of each private and group conversation. And if you send a message you didn’t mean to? Just delete or edit it to make sure conversations are as accurate and efficient as possible.

Private and Group Conversations
Reduce conversation clutter and increase efficiency by messaging only those who need to hear. Have a private conversation, or create multiple custom groups for whatever need may arise, from management to the party-planning committee.

A Few Additional Features

  • + Seamless install
  • + Single sign-on
  • + Broadcast messaging
  • + Access on Weave’s mobile app
  • + Ability to edit messages
  • + Ability to delete messages

Get the scoop on Team Chat with one of our product managers, Ben Hale

How Team Chat Works:

Watch this short video to see how Weave Team Chat works.

  • When looking for the best Team Chat app, what features should I look for?

    Team chat is all about ease of communication. Your ability to communicate with someone when it is necessary is paramount in any business setting. One of the features that you should look for in a team chat app is cross device communication. Can you communicate between a computer and a smartphone or even a smart watch?

  • Is Weave’s team chat software HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, Weave’s Team Chat is HIPAA compliant. Using Team Chat allows office workers to discuss the day’s appointments and have internal practice dialogue without compromising the privacy of the patients. The conversations only exist in Weave as text, further protecting patients’ information from being overheard via a phone call or walkie talkie.

  • Does Weave’s Team Chat feature let you directly message one person?

    With Team Chat, offices can have several different streams of chat–just like group texts. Chat directly with one team member, or start a group chat with three or four team members.

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