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Requesting Appointments

Scheduling power, now in your customer’s hands.

Anyone can shop online for anything, anywhere, any time. Why should booking an appointment be any different? Appointment Requests let your customers provide times that work for them on your website. Let customers engage the way they want to.

  • Appointment Types
  • Provider Management
  • Text Response Templates

Online Scheduling Respond when you want to
Scheduling power, now in your customer’s hands
Approving Requests

Respond when you want to.

Unlike phone calls, Weave's Online Scheduling gives you the flexibility to approve each appointment request when it's convenient for you. So feel free to give your full attention to that customer that just walked in.


Online Scheduling now has appointment writebacks. Once you approve a request, Weave automatically creates the appointment in your PMS/EHR.*

PMS/EHR Calendar Sync: Your practice's appointment availability is synced and shown as your customers request appointments on your website in real-time.

*Appointment Writebacks and Calendar Sync only for EagleSoft, OpenDental, OfficeMate & Crystal - more to come.

Book from your Website

Make your website work for you.

Customers can schedule an appointment straight from the convenience of your practice website. Simply add an engaging button on your website and attract new customers to easily book their first appointment with you.

Your office, just a text away

With the ability to do much more on one unified platform, more small businesses and healthcare practices are switching to Weave.

[With Weave] our patients communicate with us much more effectively. Prior to Weave, our reminder system was often incorrect (for patients with multiple procedures, our previous technology would send one reminder for the LAST service, meaning patients often showed up after missing most of their appointment.) Weave sends one reminder for the FIRST service, and patients can confirm or cancel directly with Weave. Our scheduling has never been more accurate and manageable.

Cody Spelman avatar photo
Cody Spelman
Accounts Manager, Shephard Chiropractic Clinicon G2

Weave has been critical to managing the office and scheduling patients. I save between 2-3 hours a day confirming appointments, and I’m able to fill more last-minute cancellations.

Maggie Blackwell avatar photo
Maggie Blackwell
Office Manager, Gerlecz Dentistry

Prior to Weave we did not have the schedule confirmation capability that Weave uses. Our daily patient volume makes calling for each patient appointment confirmation nearly impossible. It is so nice to look at the Weave schedule and quickly see if patients have confirmed – especially if they are late to the appointment right before lunch or the end of the day. We have a better chance of knowing if they will be coming (even if they are late) based on their confirmation status.

Audrey Flakoll avatar photo
Audrey Flakoll
Office Manager, Ashcraft Orthodonticson G2
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