Practice Analytics

Get deeper insights into your practice to help boost profitability, improve treatment acceptance rates, identify areas of improvement and trends, and create better experiences for you, your staff and your patients.

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Better understand your practice and your patients.

Practice Analytics gives you easy-access to crucial information about your practice including:

  • Patient conversion rates
  • Treatment plan acceptance rates
  • Learn about top office metrics
  • View unscheduled Restorative and Hygiene treatment plans
  • Cancellations
  • Average time between treatments
  • Contact customers easily through the app
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Treat more patients and earn more revenue.

After you’ve identified patient needs, you can click-to-schedule or message patients right from the Weave app. Plus, you’ll be able to easily send educational materials to patients to help them better understand their treatment. That means higher treatment acceptance rates, boosted revenue and profitability, fuller schedules and more return patients.

Compare and discover ways to improve.

To maximize the value of your practice insights, you’ll also get access to industry benchmarks so you can compare your practice and easily identify more ways to improve your practice’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Restorative Treatment Plan
Patients Diagnosed
35%20% below industry average
Patients Diagnosed
Patients Accepted
21%30% below industry average
Patients Accepted
Unscheduled Revenue
$101120% above industry average
Unscheduled Revenue
Top Practices
Average Practice
Your Practice


Practice Analytics has become one of our favorite features with Weave.”

...we used other analytic companies for many years and stopped using them altogether because there was too much information and it became overwhelming. Practice analytics provides us with the data that we need and it's easy to understand.”

We are excited to have more of our staff members trained on the analytics portion of Weave. It has become one of our favorite features.”

Maximize every treatment and revenue opportunity with Weave Practice Analytics.

Discover how the Weave platform can help you grow your business like never before.

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