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Easily view, filter and analyze your practice data to gain insight on and improve operational productivity and staff efficiency.

More Info about Weave Reports

With Weave Reports you can now view phone reports for today, the week, the month or you can customize the report so that you can see details. From total answered to total missed calls, to call tracking and call volume, you can manage your communications and better understand where call traffic is happening and determine a strategy for managing it coming in and going out.

With Weave Reports You Can

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  • Quickly see call productivity and call volumes View

  • Easily sort call data by day, week, month, or year View

  • Drill down in to specific call details to capture important productivity information View

  • Improve decision making in your office with better data View

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How Weave Reports Work

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    See call volumes for incoming, outgoing, answered and missed calls, call volumes by time, and call volumes per team member. This data can help your team strategize the best times to communicate via text, email or phone calls to make communicating with your office a positive experience for clients.

    Can Weave provide information to replace pulling dentrix reports? In-App PMS Connections (dentrix): Instantly open patient’s dentrix file by clicking the hyperlink located on the “Patient Details” or in Family Overview for schedule tasks.

  • What Eaglesoft reports does Weave pull information from?

    Weave’s analytics will pull information from Eaglesoft in an easy to use format. Once you have analytics set up for your practice, there will be very few reasons to pull reports at all.

  • Will Weave’s reports provide information that I don’t get from Open Dental reports?

    One of the most valuable pieces of information that Weave’s analytics provides is the practice trend. Seeing this in a visual form allows you to make decisions very quickly. You will also have access to metrics that would require combining numbers from several different open dental reports.

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