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Continuing Education for Optometrists

Are you communicating with your patients effectively?

Be different

Optometry in the age of Disruptors: When Patients are Harmed.

The hyper-connected patient experience: utilizing modern technology to create the best patient experience

Telemedicine & telehealth: a practical guide

Using key performance indicators to drive practice growth

An environment for thriving in your optometric office

Redefining the patient experience & journey

Light Management: The Need for Ocular Solutions

Practice Management

Social media 201: Advanced tips for growing your audience

The local marketing that you have to be doing in 2020

Simplify your marketing--increase your impact

Tools for innovating on the customer experience

Marketing in the past, present, & future for your business


Getting back to business

How to get people to care about what you have to say or sell!

3 Decisions that create resilience

My 5 tips to accelerating growth after 20+ years as CEO

Regardless of how large and daunting a task may be you can always execute your way through it

How to scale great decision making in your growing business

Purchase, purpose, and party--grow and retain the right way

How technology went from a luxury to a must for small business

How to leverage data--we know your competitors aren't

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