7 Client Interactions that Help Your Business Create Raving Fans

Client Interactions

  The competition in your industry is fierce.   Chances are there are a dozen or more businesses in your community that provide the same service that you do. So, how do you set yourself apart from the competition, and, how do you create a client base that’s full of raving fans?   It’s not […]

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10 Key Steps to Building Customer Loyalty

  Depending on the source, studies show that it can be 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. In the healthcare field where lifetime patient value can be several thousand dollars, this figure is most likely at the high end of that range.   Customer […]

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Why the Client Relationship Should Be at the Forefront of Your Business Priorities

Today’s tech-heavy, communication-intense era offers many advantages. Your clients have all the information they could want at their fingertips. Organizations large and small are finding more and more ways to reach out to new clients. There are more ways than ever before to communicate with your customer base. Despite the many benefits that the technology […]

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Texting Etiquette – How to text patients the right way

It’s no secret that texting is one of the most popular forms of personal and business communication today. But did you know how prominent it is in healthcare? For instance, a survey revealed that almost 70 percent of respondents thought it was helpful to receive texts from their doctors. This means it represents a substantial […]

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Optimize My Business Using Google Reviews

Woman leaving Google Review

Have you just eaten the best-truffled mac and cheese of your life? Did your massage therapist have magic hands? Or was that ballroom class so intoxicating that you made like David Bowie and danced, magic danced? Google users would sure love to know, as more than 6 in 10 consumers, a whopping 64% to be […]

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4 Benefits From Your Social Media Presence

Are You Very Social? We’ve been diving into our social media efforts over the past little while, and in doing so have had some great results and insights. Whether you’re active on social media or not, these four simple benefits are hard to ignore and just might encourage you to make a quick post. Increased […]

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5 Tips to Nourish Client Relationships

The average dental office fields about 75 calls a day, half of which are incoming. Of those incoming calls, about 10 go to voicemail, and only 7 actually leave a message. Which means that unless those other callers decide to call back another time, your practice likely lost a would-be patient to the next dentist […]

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34 Ways To Increase Your Patient Retention

Patient retention is built on touchpoint blog section header with four faces

Patient retention is defined in the same way any successful relationship is: By having positive touchpoints. This collection of touchpoints is the determining factor in how likely any patient is to continue with your practice or leave for a competing practice. Positive touchpoints don’t often just happen, however. A proactive approach must be taken to […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Giving Thanks to Your Patients

Let’s face it: patients don’t refer your practice to their friends because a teeth cleaning is so wonderfully thorough or because an eye exam is so stellar. In fact, you’ve probably never heard a patient proclaim, “What a fantastic teeth cleaning!” as they high-five you and your team on their way out the door. Although you […]

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