How Weave’s Phone System Solves Small Business Problems

  In today’s marketplace, small businesses face numerous challenges. These challenges include problems as wide-ranging as client dependence, founder dependence, constant fatigue, money management, and the age-old issue of quality versus growth. Factor in the difficulty of surviving in an economy full of well-established companies and multinational corporations and it’s no wonder so many small […]

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What to Look for in a Phone System for Your Small Business

  A modern communications system is vital today’s business world. Although many businesses use communications as diverse as phone calls, texting, online chatting, emailing, postal services, and social media on a regular basis, they neglect to find a system that connects all of these styles of communication. Small businesses are often especially guilty of ignoring […]

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Conveniently Integrate Communication Through Your Phone System

Unified Communications Through Phone

  The communication methods, platforms, and devices available to modern businesses and consumers are numerous and diverse. Having all of these tools immediately accessible can be both a blessing and a curse. We frequently find ourselves multi-tasking, tangled in a web of group chats, email chains, video conferences, and social media updates. Sometimes this web […]

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Manage Emergency Situations With Weave’s Mobile App

Weave Smartphone App

  If you run a clinic, hospital, office, or any other kind of small business, you know that you need to be available and on top of things almost 24/7. Realistically speaking, that’s not always possible, but with a unified communication platform like Weave, you can definitely come close. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you […]

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3 Reasons that Call Quality is Vital for Effective Communication

Call Quality for Customer Service

  Customer service is a massive industry in today’s global economy. When we think of customer service, we often imagine enormous amounts of jobs being reallocated to foreign customer service centers or hulking domestic structures where thousands of employees sit waiting with uniform computers and headsets to take incoming calls or make outgoing ones. This […]

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How a VoIP Phone System Can Benefit Your Small Business

Voip Phones Benefit Small Business

  When home telephones started becoming commonplace in the early 1900s, it completely transformed how we conducted business. The pace of life sped up, information could travel faster than ever before, and the nature of consumerism changed forever. And when the Internet was introduced at the turn of the 21st century, everyone expected it to […]

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5 Ways the Right Phone System Can Improve the Customer Experience

Phone System for Customer Experience

  Most people take phones for granted. They use them constantly, yet never pause to think how important phones are to the way we live as modern humans. Phones are more than a simple convenience; they’re an integral part of how our society is organized and communicates. At Weave, our entire approach is based on […]

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7 Ways Unified Communications Increase Operational Efficiency

Unified Communications

  We’re all aware that communication is important to keep up good relationships with our friends, family, and loved ones—but we often underestimate how important it can be to our business relationships. Communication is the bedrock of any business. It affects every aspect of your work, from dealing with customers to ensuring efficient and positive […]

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