How Reviews Can Impact the Business to Consumer Relationship

Business to Consumer Relationship

  Online reviews aren’t just about your star-rating. It’s tempting to focus solely on growing the number of reviews we have on our profiles and doing whatever it takes to ensure that they’re overwhelmingly positive. Savvy business owners, however, know that reviews are also a valuable tool that can enhance the relationship they have with […]

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How to Get a Better Response Rate for Reviews from Your Customers

Better Response Rate on Reviews

  Forget the concept of less is more. When it comes to online reviews for your business, the more you have, the better. Consider these statistics: 92% of customers read online reviews, and people are more likely to want to do business with you if you have a lot of positive reviews. Over 80% put […]

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Should You Ask Customers for Reviews on Yelp?

Asking for Yelp Reviews

  It starts innocently enough. Another satisfied customer is leaving your location and is full of praise about the service they received. “You are the best in the world,” she says. “I’ve never been to an office where I was treated so well. Thank you so much for everything.” You smile and say you wish […]

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How Responding to Negative Reviews Affects Your Business

Responding to Negative Reviews

  No matter how good you are at what you do or how closely you try to manage reviews, a negative review is bound to rear its ugly head at some point in your career. So, what do you do when someone writes something scathing about you or your business? Do you: Ignore it and […]

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5 Ways That Online Reputation Affects Income

Online Reputation Affects Income

  What is your most valuable business asset?   A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking their most valuable assets are tangible, things like their building, equipment, and inventory.   Some are astute enough to realize that intangibles like intellectual property and processes are even more critical. But few understand that in […]

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7 Techniques to Monitor Your Business Reputation Online

Monitor Business Reputation Online

  You’ve worked hard to become the best in your field. Your clients adore you, and your company thrives on referrals that provide a steady stream of new business.   But what happens if someone is unhappy and chooses to broadcast their experience online? Would you know? How long would it take you to find […]

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Dental Reputation Management: How it Differs from Other Industries

Dental Reputation Management

  Managing your online reputation can seem like a full-time job. Who knew that monitoring review sites like a hawk, Googling yourself monthly, and following a bunch of hashtags would be something you had to worry about?   You’re a dentist, not a social media or Internet guru.   But, you also know that your […]

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Review Management: The Ultimate Business Owner’s Guide

Hands Holding Review Stars

  Even with a winning idea, the best location, and a killer management team; businesses still need a strong online presence to thrive in today’s digital world. Over 627,000 new businesses open every year, which means thousands of new potential competitors. You need to stand out, and developing your online image is one great way […]

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