10 Ways to Use Automation to Form Better Connections With Patients

connecting with patients through automation

Automation is no longer reserved for large corporate enterprises, and it’s more common than you think. From the follow-up emails you get after you ditch your cart online to annual birthday messages from your favorite restaurant, automation has become an efficient and effective way to correspond with customers.   When the principles of automation are […]

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10 Strategies to Help Your Patients Keep Appointments

busy patient keeping appointment

Everyone is busy, and convincing your patients to keep appointments, especially for routine and non-urgent office visits can be a challenge. Looming work deadlines, family obligations, and social commitments can all seem more important in your patients’ minds than a routine oral hygiene appointment or an eye exam.   However, missed appointments can be detrimental […]

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How to Set Up Your Reminder System to Optimize Results

Getting customers to make and keep appointments is vital to any business that operates on an appointment basis. Broken appointments lead to downtime and decreased productivity. So what do you do to help your customers keep their appointments?   You send them reminders.   You remind them several times, and often through several different methods […]

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Why Your Patients are Not Confirming Their Appointments

Patient Confirming Appointment

As a dentist or medical practitioner, schedule management is imperative. If you had the power to see which of your patients were going to make it to their appointment, and which ones weren’t, your production and profitability would skyrocket. You could fill every appointment, every day, and drastically boost profitability. This is the reason that […]

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Pulling Back the Curtain on Automated Recall

The product team at Weave is proud to announce the addition of Automated Recall Analytics in the Analytics section of our software. These analytics provide great insight into how Automated Recall is working for your office and provides actionable data. This will allow you to track your success month over month and year over to […]

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34 Ways To Increase Your Patient Retention

Patient retention is built on touchpoint blog section header with four faces

Patient retention is defined in the same way any successful relationship is: By having positive touchpoints. This collection of touchpoints is the determining factor in how likely any patient is to continue with your practice or leave for a competing practice. Positive touchpoints don’t often just happen, however. A proactive approach must be taken to […]

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Appointment Cards: Does Anyone Keep Them?

Person with Calendar | Weave

For years, providing patients with appointment cards was the standard method used to remind them of their future appointments; however, according to a recent study, modern technology is making the appointment cards an impractical reminder method for dentists, veterinarians, and really just about anyone else still using appointment cards. Other Methods Used to Remind Patients […]

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