5 Ways America’s Texting Addiction Will Profit Your Practice

Woman Texting | Weave

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A mom, desperately trying to get ahold of her kid, calls and calls and calls to no avail. Moments later her phone lights up as it begins to vibrate—it’s her child! But it’s not the sound of their voice but a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE! Someone […]

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Appointment Cards: Does Anyone Keep Them?

Person with Calendar | Weave

For years, providing patients with appointment cards was the standard method used to remind them of their future appointments; however, according to a recent study, modern technology is making the appointment cards an impractical reminder method for dentists, veterinarians, and really just about anyone else still using appointment cards. Other Methods Used to Remind Patients […]

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Why and How to Market Your Practice with Paid Promotions

You wouldn’t hand a dentures advertisement to your teenage patients when they are in your office. Or, if you would, you’d be wasting your breath, money and paper. But many small businesses – like dental and orthodontic practices – are doing the digital version of this every time they try to use social media to promote […]

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Managing Your Orthodontic Business Listings

No matter how hard you try, your orthodontic practice website might have difficulty competing against the search result success of those that provide business listings – local or industry specific ones. So it’s great when a patient finds your practice, a small speck of sand on the enormous World Wide Web of beaches. You’ve done […]

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Boost Employee Morale by Creating Your Zen Zone

Running a dental practice is seriously stressful. Left unchecked, stress can eat away at your health and negatively affect your practice. More than a third of dentists are stressed about work, according to a recent survey of dentists and dental professionals in the UK. Work-related stress can cause a whole host of problems, including physical ailments, relationship […]

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What Patients Want: The Secrets to Running a People Practice

Dental Patient Thumbs Up | Weave

Focusing on patient satisfaction allows you to deliver outstanding customer service. Even if you aren’t known for your charm, the real trick to achieving true patient satisfaction simply this: Know what your patients want. And then give it to them. Patients Want to Feel Important Always greet your patients by name. Include personal information in […]

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Not just software or a hairdo: Weave is like a smartphone for your practice

In multiple practice management lectures, I have heard it said that the telephone is the most important instrument in the dental practice. While that may be debatable, there is definitely no doubt that, even today, telephones are the primary mode of communication for dental practices. Your staff spends more time than you could ever imagine […]

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Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full

Dental patient Mouth Opened | Weave

Your patients are stressed out. Even if you can’t tell, the majority of patients have anxiety when they step into your practice, and that stress is amplified when they get in the chair. It’s likely that no one told you before you were already mouth-deep, but possessing an exceptional level of emotional intelligence is part […]

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Top 5 Reasons Team Members Disengage

Last summer I wrote a series of news letters on how to get your team engaged. What I didn’t cover was why team members get disengaged in the first place. Many team members start out as highly engaged team members! They are: Happy to come to work and passionate about their career Connected and loyal to the […]

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