8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Google Customer Reviews

Hands Holding Review Stars

Google reviews can be one of your business’s most valuable assets. According to a survey by Yeah Local, 91% of people read online reviews before deciding to contact a company. Because Google reviews are so prominently displayed, many potential customers are turning here first. However, if you only have a handful of reviews, you’re going […]

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How to Respond to Reviews About Your Business

Have you heard the saying, “What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet”? It sounds scary, and it’s enough to make most reasonable people think twice about what to post and what to share online. As a business owner, you already know not to get caught on camera yelling at the referee at your […]

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Why Your Patients are Not Confirming Their Appointments

Patient Confirming Appointment

As a dentist or medical practitioner, schedule management is imperative. If you had the power to see which of your patients were going to make it to their appointment, and which ones weren’t, your production and profitability would skyrocket. You could fill every appointment, every day, and drastically boost profitability. This is the reason that […]

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5 Key Focus Areas to Supercharge Practice Growth

As a dentist or medical practitioner, you are definitely out of the norm if practice growth is not something that you think about on a daily basis. When we talk about practice growth, it is important to clarify that successful practice growth can look different to different doctors. For some, practice growth means treating more […]

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Why the Client Relationship Should Be at the Forefront of Your Business Priorities

Today’s tech-heavy, communication-intense era offers many advantages. Your clients have all the information they could want at their fingertips. Organizations large and small are finding more and more ways to reach out to new clients. There are more ways than ever before to communicate with your customer base. Despite the many benefits that the technology […]

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5 Tips to Make the Most of Slow Times in Business

Busy isn’t a badge. Write this on a sticky note and put in on your mirror. Look at it while you brush your teeth and repeat it to yourself while you’re calming the loud frizz that won’t lie neatly on your head as you get ready to start your day. Because it’s true: every business […]

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Three Reasons Your Dental Practice Should be Using Automated Reminders

There are many different types of technology out there that can help grow your dental practice. The difficulty that arises is that trying decide what makes the most sense for you and your team can be confusing. This article is intended to help you navigate the waters of available dental software, in hopes that your […]

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5 Strategies to Make Reminder Calls More Successful

Believe it or not, even in this digital age, some people still want a personal phone call rather than a text message to remind them of an appointment. While the majority of people love the convenience of getting a text message or two confirming appointments, nothing beats a chat with a live human. Though automation […]

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13 Reasons Why an Automated Reminder System is Your Practice’s Best Friend

Automated Reminders

Unless your patients have superhuman memory, chances are that they’ve forgotten about an appointment at least once. Perhaps they had to reschedule at the last minute because they made other plans, and it slipped their mind that they had a prior commitment. Today, our lives are busier than ever. Balancing a career, family, hobbies, and […]

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