13 Reasons Why an Automated Reminder System is Your Practice’s Best Friend

Automated Reminders

Unless your patients have superhuman memory, chances are that they’ve forgotten about an appointment at least once. Perhaps they had to reschedule at the last minute because they made other plans, and it slipped their mind that they had a prior commitment. Today, our lives are busier than ever. Balancing a career, family, hobbies, and […]

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Pulling Back the Curtain on Automated Recall

The product team at Weave is proud to announce the addition of Automated Recall Analytics in the Analytics section of our software. These analytics provide great insight into how Automated Recall is working for your office and provides actionable data. This will allow you to track your success month over month and year over to […]

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17 Ways To Boost Your Dental Recall

Let’s start off by defining the term Dental Recall or recall appointments. Recall visits are regularly-scheduled checkup appointments to help dentists have an ongoing knowledge of the status of their patients. These visits are vital to both practice and patient. The more often patients meet with their doctor, the better care their doctor can provide. […]

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5 Ways America’s Texting Addiction Will Profit Your Practice

Woman Texting | Weave

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: A mom, desperately trying to get ahold of her kid, calls and calls and calls to no avail. Moments later her phone lights up as it begins to vibrate—it’s her child! But it’s not the sound of their voice but a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE! Someone […]

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Appointment Cards: Does Anyone Keep Them?

Person with Calendar | Weave

For years, providing patients with appointment cards was the standard method used to remind them of their future appointments; however, according to a recent study, modern technology is making the appointment cards an impractical reminder method for dentists, veterinarians, and really just about anyone else still using appointment cards. Other Methods Used to Remind Patients […]

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