As a dermatologist, you put plenty of thought into caring for patients, but do you put the same level of care into your website? For many dermatology practices, web design is more of an afterthought than a must-have.

If you want your practice to stand out in the search engines, you can’t afford to ignore good dermatology website design. Below, learn how to make a well-designed website that will have new patients streaming through your doors.

Essential Features for Dermatology Websites

If you have no experience with website design, you may wonder precisely what your site should include. Rise to the top as one of the best dermatology websites with these tips and design features.

Mobile Responsiveness

How long do you stick around on a slow-to-load website? Five seconds? Less than that?

You’re not alone. Most visitors won’t wait for long if a site loads slowly on their mobile device. Google understands this and prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in the search engine results rankings.

When planning your website design, don’t forget about mobile users. To boost mobile performance:

  • Compress as many images as you can
  • Take advantage of caching to help pages load more quickly
  • Use accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), which typically load in one second or less

Clean and Intuitive Navigation

When potential patients arrive at your website looking for essential information about their skin concerns, how quickly can they find what they need?

If visitors can’t find important information about topics they’d like to explore, they’ll head to a competitor’s site instead. That can seriously hurt the bounce rate for your website.

Good dermatology designs should make it easy and intuitive to navigate your website’s content. For a user-friendly experience, put all relevant information about specific skin conditions and dermatology services under easily accessible menus.

High-Quality Visuals

Dermatology is all about aesthetics, and it’s important to convey that message with a visually pleasing dermatology website design. Beautiful images and videos also help to establish trust, giving patients confidence that you’re the right board-certified dermatologist for them.

The best dermatology web designs make good use of the hero section, which is the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. This section should convey:

  • What your dermatology practice offers
  • Why visitors should trust your dermatology clinic team
  • Benefits of choosing your dermatology specialists
  • Actions that you want visitors to take next (booking an appointment, for instance)

Some dermatology specialists like to include a custom video at the top of the page, but you don’t need to create a fancy video to attract more patients. A high-quality image and an engaging headline work just as well.

Appointment Scheduling

If your dermatology business doesn’t offer online appointment scheduling, you’re probably losing clients to clinics that do.

What happens if a potential client comes to your dermatology website after business hours? Can they make an appointment online 24/7? Or will they need to call your team in the morning?

You definitely don’t want the later. To keep your clients happy, consider implementing online appointment scheduling software, such as Weave.

SEO Strategies for Dermatology Websites

It’s not enough to have a gorgeous dermatology website that’s solely focused on aesthetics. For the long-term success of your new website, make search engine optimization (SEO) a key part of your site’s design features as well.

Keyword Optimization

A big part of on-page optimization is finding the right keywords to use. Be sure to use keywords that visitors understand instead of confusing medical jargon to talk about dermatological conditions and treatments. For instance, clients may not know what “alopecia areata” means, so stick with simple terms like “hair loss.”

If you’re not sure which keywords to use to drive traffic on each page, check out Google’s free Keyword Planner. With this tool, you can explore keywords relevant to dermatologists, which will make creating content for your website easier.

Local SEO

If you’re trying to attract local clients to your dermatology clinic website, you don’t need a marketing services company to do it for you. You can draw in customers near you simply by adding a bit of local SEO to each page of your website.

A few examples include:

  • Dermatology services in San Diego
  • Skin health tips for Miami residents
  • Denver dermatologist near me

You can also take advantage of your Google My Business profile. It’s free to set up a profile for dermatologists and other medical providers. With a complete profile, you could get a nice traffic boost to your dermatology website.

Under your profile, list:

  • Information about your dermatologist services
  • Links to your website
  • Contact details
  • Patient reviews


Content Marketing

No matter how good your website design is, you’ll need awesome content to back it up. Content marketing includes:

  • Determining your target audience
  • Choosing the right formats (such as blog posts, videos and newsletters)
  • Deciding on a publishing schedule
  • Selecting distribution platforms

Blogging is a great format for beginners. By blogging, you can establish your dermatologist practice as an authority and develop trust in your services.

Incorporating Patient Testimonials and Reviews

It’s smart to add at least a few testimonials to your dermatology website. Adding positive reviews to your website is a great way to show clients that they can trust you.

If your board-certified dermatologists don’t have many (or any) reviews yet, it’s time to start collecting them. Don’t be afraid to ask clients to drop a review for your clinic on Google, Healthgrades, or WebMD. You might consider offering a small incentive to reviewers, such as a discount on their next consultation.

Don’t forget about reputation management. If you get a bad review for services on your dermatology website, promptly contact the reviewer and ask how you can make things right.

Lead Generation: Turning Web Visits into Appointments

While getting visitors on your website is nice, it doesn’t directly help grow your business. That’s where lead generation comes in. To optimize your site and bring in more patients, consider some of these key elements:

Call to Action (CTA):

Your website should feature compelling CTAs on each page, prompting visitors to take immediate action. This could include scheduling an appointment using Weave’s Online Scheduling tool, contacting your office for more information, or signing up for a skin care newsletter. Weave’s Online Scheduling seamlessly integrates into your website, allowing patients to book their appointments conveniently, which can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

Unique Selling Points (USPs):

Highlight what sets your dermatology practice apart. Do you offer specialized treatments? Have state-of-the-art equipment? Experienced staff? Emphasize these aspects to differentiate your practice from competitors.

Accessible Contact Information:

Make sure your contact details, including phone number, address, email, and social media links, are clearly visible. This ensures that potential clients can easily reach out to you.

Contact Form and Online Scheduling:

Some visitors prefer digital communication over phone calls. Include a contact form and integrate Weave’s Online Scheduling tool on key pages, such as your services or contact page. This not only makes scheduling appointments more convenient but also reduces barriers for clients wanting to book services.

Detailed Treatment Information:

Provide comprehensive information about the treatments you offer. Clear, concise descriptions help visitors understand what to expect and encourage them to schedule an appointment, especially when they can do so directly through your website.

Take Dermatology Website Design to the Next Level With Weave

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