In a recent episode of the Happy Practice, we sat down with Dr. Matt Nejad, a renowned cosmetic and biomimetic dentist from Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Nejad shares his journey into dentistry, his passion for precision, and his insights on the transformative role of technology and AI in modern healthcare practices.

A Journey Rooted in Passion

Dr. Nejad’s journey into dentistry began with a strong interest in science and the allure of owning his own business. He reminisces about his decision-making process, “I was between medical and dental, and I looked at both options pretty significantly. Ultimately, the blend of science, artistry, and autonomy in dentistry won me over.”

After completing his education at USC’s Herman Ostro School of Dentistry and undergrad at UCLA, Dr. Nejad plunged directly into private practice. His early exposure to biomimetic dentistry, which focuses on mimicking natural teeth using advanced adhesive techniques, significantly influenced his career path. “I fell in love with the detail, quality, and precision of biomimetic dentistry,” he recalls.

The Art of Precision

Dr. Nejad’s approach to dentistry is deeply rooted in precision and consistency. He emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement, a philosophy known as the Kaizen approach. “Small changes make a big impact. If you keep working at achieving perfection, you will reach excellence,” he explains. This commitment to quality has allowed him to thrive in the competitive and high-demand market of Beverly Hills.

His practice caters to a high-end clientele, including executives and celebrities. “They expect a personalized experience, no waiting, and my full attention during their visits. It’s about delivering quality and making them feel valued,” says Dr. Nejad.

Embracing Technology and AI

One of the hallmarks of Dr. Nejad’s practice is his embrace of technology. From digital x-rays and practice management software to 3D printing and intraoral scanners, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and efficiency of his services.

“AI is weaving itself into all aspects of dentistry right now,” Dr. Nejad notes. AI’s ability to streamline processes, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enhance patient communication is transforming the field. “Imagine AI creating a crown design in two or three minutes. It makes these processes more efficient and frees up time for more critical tasks,” he explains.

The Impact of AI on Dental Practices

AI’s role in healthcare is multifaceted. It aids in diagnosis, communication, and even patient trust. “Patients love when they can see cavities highlighted on their x-rays. It builds trust and shows that you’re invested in high technology,” Dr. Najad says. He also highlighted AI’s potential to revolutionize restorative procedures, such as 3D printing fillings, which could significantly improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Dr. Nejad believes that AI will not replace healthcare professionals but will augment their capabilities. “AI is like an extra set of hands, a digital specialist that can perform tasks efficiently, allowing practitioners to focus on building relationships and providing personalized care,” he says.

Building a Personal Brand Through Innovation

For practitioners looking to enhance their personal reputation and network, Dr. Nejad advises focusing on core values and quality rather than immediate financial success. “Invest in yourself. If you’re not willing to invest time and make less initially to get to where you want to be, why would your patients invest in you?” he questioned.

Dr. Nejad’s commitment to quality and innovation has helped him build a loyal patient base and a strong professional reputation. He leverages the Blue Ocean Strategy, which involves creating a niche market where competition is irrelevant. “I might charge more, but my patients come for the quality and the unique experience I provide,” he says.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Healthcare Practices

As Dr. Nejad looks to the future, he plans to continue integrating technology to enhance efficiency and patient care. He aims to train his staff to handle more tasks independently, allowing him to focus on more complex procedures and personal interactions with patients. “I want to build my brand so we can serve more patients. There’s only one of me, and I’m pretty much at capacity,” he explains.

Balancing Professional and Personal Well-being

Dr. Nejad also recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between professional and personal well-being. He acknowledges the high levels of stress associated with dentistry and emphasizes the need for self-care and efficient practice management. “It’s crucial to have systems in place that allow you to manage your workload and reduce stress,” he says.

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Success

Reflecting on his career, Dr. Nejad shares a valuable lesson: the importance of continuous improvement. “You never reach a point where you’ve mastered everything. Embrace the idea that things will get better gradually with time,” he says. This mindset has given him peace and allowed him to focus on incremental improvements rather than immediate perfection.


Dr. Matt Nejad’s journey and insights provide a compelling narrative on the transformative power of technology and AI in dentistry. His commitment to precision, quality, and continuous improvement sets a benchmark for dental professionals, and all healthcare professionals, aiming to elevate their practice. For a deeper dive into Dr. Nejad’s strategies and experiences, check out the full video on the Happy Practice.

By embracing innovation and maintaining a patient-centered approach, healthcare practitioners can not only enhance their practice but also build a lasting reputation in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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