Satisfyingly simple: how user-friendly technology simplifies work

how Weave's user-friendly technology simplifies work for Dr. Logan Smith's Office

Not all patient engagement systems are created equally. Even when systems say they can do something that others can, it’s just as vital to consider the overall experience. The difference really is in the details. After using Weave for several years, the practice hired a new office manager who persuaded the practice to switch to a different patient engagement system, Solutionreach. Everyone was willing to give the new system a try, but within two months, they decided to switch back to Weave.

You'll learn:

How Weave Simplifies

  • Patient and team communication
  • The payment collection process
  • Processes to help save time

“I was an ambassador for Solutionreach before and now I don’t recommend it. Go to Weave, it is so much easier. It’s like having an actual employee in an app—definitely worth it.”

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- Natalie
Office Manager, Dr. Logan Smith's Office
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