Saving Hours on the Phone

How Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation Saves Calls & Hours Every Day with Weave

With only one phone line, Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation’s team found it difficult to help all of their clients as they were calling in to make appointments or to ask questions. In addition to all of the incoming calls, they were spending over two hours making reminder phone calls every single day. With the clinic’s staff spending that much time managing the phones, it left little time to focus on other important tasks, like providing an excellent client experience.

You'll learn:

  • How to reduce missed calls by 20+ a day
  • How to save 2+ hours a day on phones
  • How to save time while improving client experience

“Now that we have Weave, it really helps us foster more connection with our clients and I think it has helped them feel like a member of our family.”

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- Carrie McCord
Practice Manager
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