Lean and Mean

Sonrisa Dental Relies on Weave Amidst Staffing Challenges, Saving $50K+ a Year

Sonrisa Dental, a longstanding dental practice in Chicago, was overcome with staffing challenges and operational disruptions when their office manager abruptly departed, leaving them in disarray. Fortunately, the office discovered Weave and were able to streamlined processes, improved patient communication, increased online reviews, and more with with less staff. With Weave’s tools, Sonrisa Dental regained control, giving the practice the power to operate leanly and efficiently and ultimately saving them well over $50,000 annually in salary expenses.

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You'll learn:

  • How Weave helps save Sonrisa dental over 50K in expenses each year
  • How Weave’s automated solutions help the team keep the schedule full
  • How the office consolidated marketing, payment and other providers into 1 solution

“We love Weave! Weave essentially is saving us conservatively about 50K a year in salary expenses. It saved our office and we could not run without it.”

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- Dr. Debossu
Owner, Sonrisa Dental
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