Maintain Consistency Between Multi-Office Locations with Weave

How Vision Care Associates utilized Weave to maintain consistency across multiple practice locations.

10 partners, 22 optometry practice locations, and a massive headache trying to maintain consistency across each one. That was the situation Vision Care Associates faced. Forms needed to look and feel the same and wording for text messages to patients needed to allow for small differences from practice to practice, but reign in any wild deviations.

You'll learn:

  • How to spend less time on the phone with callbacks
  • How to utilize text messaging to alert patients of pickup reminders
  • How one company admin can align company messaging across multiple practice locations

“Weave has saved us so much time with callbacks because people are able to just get text messages telling them their eyewear is in or their contacts are in. So 100% Weave has been a time savings.”

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- Dr. Kristen Kramlich
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