Simple user experience, robust capabilities.

Why Dental Wellness at Dry Creek switched to Weave

Dental Wellness at Dry Creek in Centennial, Colorado was a happy Weave customer. But when it came time to change to a new practice management system, Curve, the office was told that a different phone system would integrate better. Fear of potential frustrating technology errors on an “unintegrated” system and not having a solution optimized to best help their practice, led to them switching to the suggested phone and text provider, Mango and Curve GRO. After 2 months of frustration, and several phone calls to support, Dr. Suri asked if Weave integrates with their system. They were told it did, leading to the office happily switching back to Weave.

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You'll learn:

  • How Weave’s simple user experience improves office processes
  • How Weave’s smart response technology simplifies appointment confirmations
  • How Weave’s mobile app provides flexibility and reduces stress

“The simplicity of Weave is what I like the most about it - plus you can do it all in one system. Faxes, text, emails, Weave has it all.”

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- Vanessa
Office Manager, Dental Wellness at Dry Creek