Announcing: Project Better

In his first time addressing Weave customers directly, Weave’s new CEO Brett White began the day with a warm welcome to the conference and a brief recap of the company’s milestones in the past years. The Customer is Everything is a new value that was added to Weave’s mission, to set a heavier focus on Weave’s commitment to its customers. Brett White also spoke about the addition of key opinion leaders and influencers for continued education and feedback on improvement.

The main focus of Brett’s words highlights a new program called, Project Better. This project is an internal focus on scaling and investing in Weave’s customer support and training. This initiative will provide Weave employees with more training and resources along with better customer service, support, and onboarding.


What We’ve Launched Recently

Online Scheduling

Weave Product Manager Haley Brenkmann spoke about a key product called Online Scheduling.1 This tool is designed to aid office managers and staff during their busy workday and save time. You can now add Online Scheduling Web Portal to your website through a link and allow your customers to schedule their own appointment online. 

The three main changes that Online Scheduling has improved are setting up appointment types, setting up specific office hours, and syncing your office’s google calendar with your PMS calendar. To avoid patients scheduling appointments incorrectly, Online Scheduling lets you manually approve schedule changes. You can also give your patients’ appointment confirmations and reminders.  

Digital Forms

Weave Product Marketing Manager CJ Chuapoco discussed another essential product — Digital Forms.2 Digital Forms allow your patients to fill out required documents before an appointment. With paper forms, practices experience an increase in lost appointment time, wasted paper, and poor patient experience. Your practice can also send auto-reminders to patients to fill out forms ahead of time and will alert your team when the form is completed.

Digital Forms can write back data automatically to select practice management systems, reducing data entry errors. When you no longer need to reference a form, you can archive it to avoid confusion or clutter. Weave also offers a digitization service (for a fee), where our team of form builders digitizes your sample forms to enable efficient data collection and synchronization with your PMS/EHR.

Insurance Verification

Weave Product Manager Drew Hemsley discussed Weave’s new Insurance Verification tool.3 Based on a survey of Weave dental customers, staff typically spend an average of six hours per week manually verifying patient insurance. Weave built Insurance Verification so staff members can save at least half of the time they were previously spending on it and focus on their patients.

Weave built Insurance Verification directly into the patient engagement workflow. Weave’s insurance verification tool shows the status of insurance for each patient and allows staff to manually verify and show the results of coverage. There is an option to contact the patient if a failed verification pops up. Your team can also filter information and print or download reports.


Weave Product Marketing Manager Alex Clark shared another important feature called Payments.4 Did you know that the average patient portion for treatments is around 50%? Your practice could be missing out on a large portion of revenue during the day by putting a payment process in place. 

Alex Clark discussed Weave’s flexible payment options including card-present, and card-not-present payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and convenient financing options like Buy Now Pay Over Time.5 With these convenient payment methods, your practice can get paid quicker and patients have convenient options to manage their bills.


Importance of Patient Experience

Weave’s Chief Marketing Officer Chris Baird discussed the importance of the patient experience in Thought Leadership. The pandemic only accelerated your patients’ expectations of the customer experience. Now more than ever, customers can be picky with their business and companies are searching for ways to improve their customer service beyond their competition. 

Growing practices deserve the tools and technology that large businesses use to create a better patient experience. Weave looks at the patient experience before they walk into your practice. With tools like call pop6, your practice can know more as a patient calls in. Chris Baird examines the patient journey so practices can view a clear picture of who they are serving:

Examine your Patient’s Journey

  1. Ask Patients how they found your practice.
  2. Call your own office phone number to see if the greeting and hold music is what you prefer and represents your brand
  3. Build and maintain an email marketing calendar to stay consistent and always look for ways to engage with your customers.
  4. Examine the experience a patient might receive when walking into your practice. 

Weave is committed to helping our customers build a patient-first culture.

A New Weave Support Team

Sr. Director of Support Corrine Jeffers spoke about the improvements Weave is making to their support experience and how Project Better will transform the experience our customers receive when they call in. This project is an internal focus on scaling and investing in Weave’s customer support and training. 

This initiative will impact our support teams in 5 ways:

  • Bigger Support Teams
  • Improved Onboarding for new employees
  • Troubleshooting Database
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Experience Analysts
  • More efficient support tools

Weave has seen tremendous growth and improvement by investing in our support teams. “As Brett mentioned, a little more than a year ago customers had to wait on hold for an average of more than 20 minutes. As of today, we answer the phone or chat on average in under a minute.”

Weave Training Camp & WeaveHelp Updates

In her remarks, Director of Training and Community Amanda Parry breaks down the improvements to Weave’s training and how our customers can receive better instruction when using Weave. “One of the biggest reasons you’re not getting the most out of Weave is the lack of knowledge. Today we’re going to fix that for you”.

One of the main highlights begins with This is a resource and database for Weave customers and features over 200 step-by-step articles, videos, and a quick, predictive search.

Along with this is Weave Training Camp7, an online training center that allows you to take self-paced, hands-on courses on every Weave feature. Next is the Weave Chat Bot which allows you to receive help from an agent or browse popular search topics. The Training team here at Weave is committed to your success!

The First-Ever Weave Customer Awards

We have incredible customers at Weave, and we want to recognize the amazing work they do on a daily basis. To help us do this we rolled out our first-ever customer awards, chosen by reviewing data and nominations from our team members.


Power User Award

Winner: Elizabeth Stoughton, iHeartSmiles Pediatric Dentistry, Brandon Florida”

This person is a Weave expert. Someone who knows the ins and outs of our product as if they built it themselves. They use Weave to its full potential and it shows in their results.


Jumpstart Award

Winner: “Vision Care Associates – Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, South Dakota”

This office is new to Weave this year and has hit the ground running. They have quickly seen success and are on a great upward trajectory.


Game-Changing Year Award

Winner: “Advanced Foot & Ankle, Bountiful, Utah”

This office made incredible strides from where they were a year ago and has seen positive impacts across the board. Significant changes have been made to their employee and patient experiences, resulting in more success all around.


All-Around MVP Award

Winner: “Christi Cupp at Wichita Optometry, Wichita, Kansas”

This person exemplifies the qualities of the first three categories while going above and beyond in all aspects of their business. They take all tools of Weave and use them to create a superior experience for their patients and to grow their business.


NEW! The Weave Customer Referral Program

Weave customer and office management expert Debra Nash discusses the Customer Referral Program8 in her remarks. Debra is a long-time Weave advocate and she spoke about her personal experience using and investing in Weave. 

The Customer Referral Program has simple steps:

  1. First, sign up for the program at Then, you’ll receive access to a unique link that’s only for your use, as well as a unique referral code. 
  2. Next, start using that code! 

Every office you refer who becomes a Weave customer will earn you $500 directly into your pocket once they are fully onboarded for 90 days. This program is designed to thank our customers for their business and give them a reward for helping their network take advantage of what Weave has to offer. 


What’s Next at Weave?

Chief Product Officer Branden Neish discussed what lies ahead for Weave in his remarks. Some of the new tools we plan to launch in 2023 include:

Bulk Messaging

With Bulk Messaging, you’ll be able to market new eyewear lines you’ve added or remind patients to take advantage of unused HSA funds before they expire at the end of the year. 

Text Writebacks to your PMS

With Text Writebacks, the staff can select specific texts to push into the practice management software and onto the patient’s record.

Multi-Location Functionality

New and enhanced multi-location functionality for our Forms, Online Scheduling, and Texting features.

There will be even more upcoming integrations and improvements in 2023 to give our customers a better experience and streamline communications. Thank you for being a part of Weave and growing and learning with us.

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  1. Online Scheduling
  2. Digital Forms
  3. Insurance Verification
  4. Payments
  5. Buy Now Pay Over Time
  6. Call Pop
  7. Weave Training Camp
  8. Customer Referal Program