Large companies are swallowing up small businesses at an alarming rate. Their deep pockets and resources give them access to enterprise tools that allow them to easily scale and grow. Enterprise phone solutions give large companies a significant edge, providing them with key tools and information they need to support their customers and make critical business decisions. These solutions allow them to:

  • Service customers 24/7 – never missing a call
  • Advanced analytic tools that give them insight into:
    • Peak call times and staffing decisions
    • When and how many missed calls
    • New vs. returning callers
  • Call recordings for legal concerns, training issues, and customer insights
  • Advanced call routing options
  • Multi-location support
  • Call center features like hold queues and centralized calling

This kind of capability is game-changing. Large companies are using it to grow and drive smaller competitors out of their space. But these systems are expensive, manpower-intensive, and hard to configure. The rich-get-richer and the big-get-bigger… so, how are today’s small businesses going to compete?

The Technology that is Changing Everything:

Today’s modern communication systems are built on a digital backbone called Voice Over IP or VoIP for short. These VoIP systems are so much more than just a phone. They are digital communication platforms that can be deeply integrated with, and augmented by custom software solutions. It is these integrated software solutions that can make them infinitely more capable than any previous phone technology. More importantly, this new, smart phone technology allows companies to provide these solutions at a price that all small businesses can’t afford to live without it.

At last, these new communication systems will be able to give small business owners the same scalable customer communications capabilities as large corporations. Not only will they give you similar options, but the infinite possibilities that come with custom software integrations can actually provide small businesses with tools that are outpacing what even enterprise solutions can offer.

The big enterprise solutions forget that small business owners, who are often the front line of their customer’s communications, actually have more to do every day than just answer phones. Modern-day VoIP solutions and their powerful cloud-based technology let you not only delight your customers but also stay focused on doing what you love most – your job!

Smart communication systems based on VoIP technologies are changing the way customers interact with businesses. The shift away from one-dimensional, voice only, phone systems highlights the fact that conversations are more important than the medium on which they happen. A smarter conversation does not happen just because you have a newer device or a fancier phone. It is the result of having the data you need about your customers right at your fingertips.

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The Future – Intelligent Phone Communications:

So, what does the future of smart communication systems look like? Picture a business communication toolbox that allows you to make phone calls and send text messages exactly like you do from your mobile phone. Or even better, actually from your mobile phone. A system all in the cloud, supporting mobile workers on any device anywhere.

A virtual assistant that listens to your customers and provides them automated 24hrs-a-day support. Artificial intelligence (Ai) that make every call a smarter call. Ai features like voice intelligence technology that incorporates call transcription, and natural language processing, all to provide more information to your callers or even help them schedule appointments without you lifting a finger.

A system acting as a productivity app, helping your team manage their time, your online reputation, or providing you transcripts and insights that allow you to adequately staff. Detailed analytics that shows you your peak call times, frequency of missed calls or the quality of service provided by your employees.

Thanks to these new technologies, there will soon be tools to help solve some of the worst daily bottlenecks and frustrations:

  • Constantly interrupted with spam calls. Spam callers can now be blocked, which keeps the phone lines open for paying customers and allows staff to focus on their daily workloads.
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to answer incoming calls from customers wanting to schedule or reschedule appointments, leading to a high number of missed opportunities. Easily create a custom virtual assistant to greet callers, answer common questions, and send customers texts to take actions like booking an appointment.
  • Struggling to make better business decisions. With metrics such as peak call times, new vs. returning callers, and conversation topics you could learn what your customers care most about, or better train your employees with audio recordings and searchable audio transcripts of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Imagine the ultimate customer experience solution, not just a phone system—all from a platform that syncs in real-time with your customer management system so you never have to look up a number again. A smart toolbox that frees up your time and gets you back to work.

Weave will Help you Get There:

Small businesses are at the heart of our country’s growth and economic success. Our passion and our business is built around helping small businesses not only survive but thrive in this era of modern communication. The future for small businesses is extremely bright and Weave is leading the way toward the future of smart communication solutions. VoIP technology is critical to solving today’s small business challenges, but it is just the start.

The custom software that ties it all together is where the magic really happens. And Weave is uniquely positioned to not only provide the best phone system on the market but also an entire toolbox of productivity software tools. You can expect a best-in-class customer experience starting with your first communication all the way through to helping you get paid.

At Weave we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible tools to help businesses succeed and grow. Weave is here to help when you schedule a demo. Whether you need simple or advanced phones, immediate communication via text messaging, call recordings for training, a virtual assistant to answer all of your calls, payment solutions, or even mobile access to your patients, we’ve got your back. So, let us help you stop worrying, and get back to doing what you love most – your job!