The Modern Electrical Business: Communication for the Future

Weave commissioned a survey of 750 small businesses and their customers to understand how modern electrical businesses are engaging with their customers

The results showed that small electrical businesses:

  • are using outdated systems and tools like broken websites and traditional voicemail.
  • are increasingly overwhelmed with tedious tasks that automation and technology could help streamline.
  • could be saving more time and money.

You'll learn:

  • Only 13% of customers consistently leave online reviews for their electrician, but 53% of them say they would if they got a reminder
  • 63% of customers aren’t loyal to their electrician
  • 90% of electrical customers say they are placed on hold when calling to make an appointment

“When I bought this [business], we had to have AT&T for out-of-state, long-distance calls, and then we had to have Century Link for in-state, long-distance calls. Plus, I had to pay for a normal landline. It was really confusing and a lot of hassle because we basically had three different phone bills going on every month. It was nuts.”

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- Jena Questen
Business Owner & Weave User
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