The 2021 Physical Therapy Healthcare Business Insights Report

Weave commissioned an independent study of over 1,400 clinics and clients to learn how COVID-19 has changed the way healthcare practices do business.

This ebook will give you insight into tackling:

  • the new patient boom
  • staffing shortages
  • changing client expectations

You'll learn:

  • 43% of the physical therapy offices in our survey say they’re currently short-staffed
  • 68% of clinics say the pressures of COVID-19 have actually improved their quality of care
  • 87% of physical therapists are seeing opportunities to grow their patient base right now

“Personally, I love the texting features. I enjoy the texting aspect of communication. I am part of a younger generation, but everyone relies more on texting to communicate, especially our patients with full-time jobs who cannot step away from the phone.”

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- Office Administrator
Fast Track Therapy
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