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If you work in the dental industry, reading blogs from other professionals like you is an excellent way to keep your dental knowledge fresh. Thankfully, numerous dental blogs exist across the internet today— you just need to know where to find them.

We’ve created this post to help you find the best dentistry blogs for your specific field. Whether you work in pediatrics or periodontics, read on to learn more about the 14 best dental blogs you should follow.

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Top Dental Hygiene Blogs

1. Smile Guide

Smile Guide is a blog for dental patients featuring helpful tips and information about general oral hygiene.¹ As a dental professional, you can also use this blog to stay in the know about frequent patient concerns and questions.

This blog features articles in the following categories:

  • Braces
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental fear
  • Dental health
  • Teeth whitening

2. America’s ToothFairy

America’s ToothFairy launched in 2006 to address the “silent epidemic” of dental disease in the U.S.² This organization offers various programs and resources to help prevent chronic dental disease in children. One way America’s ToothFairy promotes oral hygiene is through its educational blog, featuring various topics such as:

  • How to protect baby teeth
  • How vaping can impact teeth
  • How to find low-cost dental treatment options

Top Pediatric Dental Blog

3. Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry

Polkadot Pediatric Dentistry is a dental office in Alpharetta, GA. Along with offering pediatric dental services, this dental practice also has a professional blog with valuable information to help parents encourage proper oral health in their children.³

This blog addresses topics such as:

  • Teeth grinding
  • Cavities
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Invisalign dentist practices

Professional Dental Associations & Dentistry Blogs

4. Weave

Weave’s dentistry blog covers a wide selection of topics related to running a dental practice. You can find dozens of articles on this blog related to dental practice marketing. Many of these posts offer valuable tips about streamlining your dental marketing approach with the right platform.

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5. Mouth Healthy

MouthHealthy is a consumer dental blog from the American Dental Association.4 This blog includes information about several consumer dental topics, such as:

  • Dental visit FAQs
  • Dental anxiety
  • Gum disease
  • Dental sealants

This blog also lists products with the ADA Seal, which indicates that dental products have gone through scientific evaluations to test their safety and effectiveness.

Patients can also use this blog to find a dentist near them.

6. New Dentist Blog

The New Dentist Now blog, which is also from the American Dental Association, includes an extensive selection of posts for dental students and recent graduates of dental school. 5 Many students use this blog as a resource to help them determine their next steps after graduation.

New Dentist Now also answers questions about dental practice management and opening a new dental office. You can use this blog as a guide for running your dentistry practice.

Best Dental Assistant Blogs

7. Dental Assistant Life

If you are a dental assistant, you can participate in the online community Dental Assistant Life.6 This website features a blog with a range of articles specifically for dental assistants. Popular posts include information about why dentists should appreciate their dental assistants and how to succeed in a dentistry interview.

8. Dental Post

Dental Post is a platform for dental professionals to post job openings in their practices and search for potential new jobs.7 This platform also features a blog where dental assistants can find resources about navigating the job search, furthering their careers, and building positive workplace cultures.

Most Popular Dental Student Blogs

9. ASDA Blog

The ASDA Blog, also known as “Mouthing Off,” includes posts and articles to help shape the dental student experience.8 This blog features helpful resources for dental students, with topics covering dental networking, social media, HIPAA compliance, and numerous other student-related concepts.

10. ADEA GoDental

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) has a website called GoDental that gives students the guidance and resources they need to apply to programs and navigate dental school. This site offers information for future dentists, future dental hygienists, nontraditional applicants, and health professions advisors.9

GoDental also has a blog featuring:

  • Financial aid advice
  • Guidance from admissions officers
  • Tips from predental and prehygiene students

Orthodontic Associations Blogs

11. American Association of Orthodontists

The American Association of Orthodontists has a blog featuring information for parents and orthodontic patients.10 This blog includes helpful resources about cosmetic dentistry and correcting crooked teeth through orthodontic treatments.

Periodontal Associations Blogs

12. The Perio Group Blog

The Perio Group, based out of Philadelphia, offers periodontal care and resources for those experiencing gum-related problems.11 This dental group also has a blog with information about treatment for periodontal disease and other infections affecting the gums and jaw.

Dental Service Organizations (DSO) Blogs

13. Perfect Teeth

Perfect Teeth is a group of dental practices located in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado.12 The Perfect Teeth website includes a helpful dentistry blog with posts covering numerous dental procedure topics, such as:

  • Cosmetic dentist procedures
  • Dental veneers
  • Signs of oral cancer
  • Why you should use fluoride toothpaste
  • What to do in a dental emergency
  • When to call a dental implant dentist
  • The importance of tooth enamel

14. Wisdom Tooth Project

The Wisdom Tooth Project is an organization that teaches seniors and their caregivers about maintaining oral health.13 This organization, which is part of Authority Dental, also has a blog with tips and resources for aging adults to stay on top of oral hygiene, prevent tooth decay, and optimize denture use.

Dental Blog Topics & Ideas for Running Your Own Practice Blog

As a dental professional, your website is one of the primary resources through which potential patients discover your practice. However, without the right marketing strategy, these patients will never find your website, leading them to never learn about your business or schedule an appointment. Many dentists create online blogs to increase the visibility of their websites.

Creating a dentistry blog can go a long way in furthering your dental marketing strategy. When potential patients search for an “MI dentist” or “dentists near me,” the dentists who rank near the top of search results are typically ones with the most relevant web content. Developing a blog can increase your search engine rankings and bring more patients to your dentistry practice.

Additionally, creating a professional dental blog can showcase your authority in the dental industry. When patients read the posts on your blog, they may feel more confident in your ability to help them with their dentistry-related problems.

The first step in creating a blog is determining what topics to include in your blog posts. Here are two examples of the types of blogs you can create: dental care and health blogs and new dentist blogs.

Example 1 – Dental Care and Health Blogs

Consumers often search the internet to answer common questions about dental care and oral health. Creating a blog that answers these questions and points readers to your dental practice is an excellent way to market your services.

For example, people with new implants, porcelain veneers, or related products often search for “dental implants problems blogs” to find answers to their questions. If your blog were one of the top search results, these users would see your practice as an authoritative resource, making them more likely to come to your office for assistance.

You can address a wide range of topics in a dental care blog, such as:

  • Tips for brushing your teeth well
  • How to avoid tooth loss
  • Common symptoms of tooth decay
  • How often patients should floss
  • The importance of scheduling a routine dental cleaning
  • The difference between a dental crown and a dental cap
  • The steps of a root canal

When users search the internet for these topics, they may stumble upon your blog, leading them to learn about your services and consider scheduling an appointment.

Example 2 – New Dentist Blog Ideas

Instead of writing a blog for patients, you can also consider creating blog posts directed at new dentists. These posts can address the business side of running a dental practice, covering topics such as:

  • Dental business cost breakdowns
  • Dental marketing ideas
  • Tips for bringing in new patients
  • How to optimize patient retention

Creating a dental business blog can help improve web traffic to your practice’s website and create a positive brand reputation. You can also include keywords in these blog posts to lead potential patients to your site.

Final Thoughts

The most popular dental practice blogs can give you resources to run your own practice more efficiently, find a community with other dentists and dental assistants, and inspire you to create your own blog. If you’re looking for other ways to market your practice, we recommend integrating Weave’s dental software into your daily processes.

Watch a free Weave demo and learn more about how Weave can help you increase your dental practice profits.

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  9. ADEA Go Dental
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