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If you own a dental practice, implementing effective digital marketing campaigns is essential to your office’s success. One aspect of digital marketing that many practices overlook is content marketing— specifically, sending curated emails to their patients each week.

We’ve created this guide to help you learn everything you need to know about dental email marketing. Follow along to learn how you can use this marketing practice to grow your dental business and increase revenue.

The Value of Dental Email Marketing

Email marketing is just as valuable to your dental practice as the more popular digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, and social media marketing. Emails are important for:

Improving brand awareness: When patients continually see emails from your practice in their inbox, they will become more familiar with your name, enhancing brand recognition.
Building trust and acquiring loyal patients: Sending frequent emails to current patients may lead patients to view you as “their” dentist, increasing patient loyalty.

Improving patient retention: Sending appointment reminder emails and promotional emails can encourage existing patients to schedule ongoing appointments with your dental practice, improving retention.

Increasing your lead conversion rate: Creating a dental email marketing strategy for prospective patients is an effective way to convert them into actual patients.

Email campaigns are also more affordable than traditional marketing through direct mail. Sending emails is free and can reach your patients faster than snail mail, making it more effective overall.

Getting Started With Your Dental Email Marketing

If you’ve never sent a marketing email before, you may not know where to begin. One of the easiest ways to get started with dental email marketing is to utilize an automation platform that can help you craft the emails and send them to your desired patient base.

Weave is a user-friendly marketing automation platform you can use to create and send targeted emails to your patients. This platform includes numerous email marketing templates to help you create professional-looking email marketing campaigns without any graphic design or writing experience.

Once you create your desired emails from their templates, Weave can also help you send the messages to specific types of patients. For example, you can send a drip campaign, which is a set of automated emails, to new patients to welcome them to your practice and invite them to schedule future appointments.

Weave can make it easy to ensure that the right emails end up in the right patients’ inboxes. Keeping all of your patient information in the Weave platform allows you to group patients into specific categories and easily send each email to the right group.

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Dental Email Marketing Examples

If you’re new to dental marketing, we recommend starting your email campaign small and gradually increasing it as you become more comfortable crafting and sending emails. To start, you can create templates for the following six types of emails:

Appointment Confirmations

Appointment confirmations serve as tangible reminders that make it easier for patients to remember their appointment times, reducing no-shows. However, these emails can also help market your dental office by increasing brand recognition and patient engagement.

New Patient Welcome Emails

When new patients schedule their first appointments with your dental clinic, they should receive an immediate email message welcoming them to your practice and making them feel valued. Welcome emails should be friendly and helpful to create the best possible patient experience.

Discount and Deal Announcements

Offering discounts and coupons is an effective way to bring past patients back in for additional appointments and encourage potential patients to schedule with your office. Sending these discount announcements directly to your patients’ inboxes may make them more likely to open the messages and learn about your deals.

Review Request Emails

Patient reviews can go a long way in promoting dental clinics. We recommend sending email marketing campaigns after every patient appointment inviting those patients to leave reviews on Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. You can also include a link in the email for patients to write social media reviews right from their mobile devices.

New Product or Service Announcements

Emails also provide an effective outlet to inform clients about new services or products within your dental office. Sending these announcements directly to your email subscribers may increase their engagement with the announced information.

Dental Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Once you become comfortable sending emails to new and past patients, you can begin shaping your email campaigns to produce the best outcomes for your overall marketing strategy. Here are a few dos and don’ts to perfect your email marketing campaign and create the most engaging, successful marketing emails.

  • Don’t send the same email to every patient.
  • Do implement split testing.

Trial and error is an essential step in any good digital marketing campaign. Some people respond better to certain emails than others. If you send the same marketing email to every patient, you will miss out on the connection you could have made with specific patient groups.

Instead, we recommend using a practice called “split testing” to determine the most effective emails to send to your patient base. In this strategy, you would send one email to 50% of your patient base and another to the other 50%, then review analytics to determine each email’s effectiveness.

  • Don’t use trigger words or clickbait headlines.
  • Do include engaging subjects.

The subject or headline of your email plays a significant role in your click-through rates. This one-line phrase is the only indicator your patients have of the content within the email. If the subject isn’t just right, your subscribers may be less likely to open the email, making the campaign a waste of your time.

While you should always include an engaging subject that encourages readers to open the email and learn more, you should also avoid any clickbait phrases that could leave readers feeling tricked. For example, don’t make the headline “HUGE, EXCITING announcement!!” when the email content is about a small change to your dental practices.

  • Don’t ramble on in the body of the email.
  • Do use headings and paragraph breaks to make the email more readable.

No one wants to read a thick, dense wall of text in an email. If you have a lot to say in a single email, you should be sure to break it up with headings, bullet points, and paragraph breaks— like we did in this blog post. Also, try your best to keep the email as short and sweet as possible to maximize engagement.

Important Dental Email Marketing Metrics

Another way to optimize your email marketing campaign is to review valuable metrics, which is data about your emails’ effectiveness and engagement, and adjust your emails accordingly. Here are a few important analytics you should check with every email you send to patients.

Open Rate

An email’s open rate is the rate at which recipients open the email and view its content. This metric is one of the most critical pieces of data to consider in your email campaign. If your open rate tends to be below 12%, you should consider changing your strategy to improve engagement.

Bounce Rate

An email’s bounce rate indicates how many email addresses failed to receive the email. For example, if you entered an email address incorrectly, the email would “bounce,” meaning it would never end up in that person’s inbox.

If your emails have an average bounce rate of more than 2%, you should consider implementing a strategy to collect updated contact information from your subscribers.

Unsubscribe Rate

Email recipients can generally unsubscribe from marketing emails by clicking a link at the bottom of the email message. You should pay close attention to your unsubscribe rate to analyze how effective your email campaign is. If too many people unsubscribe after a specific email, you may want to consider where you went wrong in that email message.

Many dental offices have seen significant improvements in their patient loads after implementing an email marketing campaign. In some cases, a solid email marketing campaign can be even more successful than paid Facebook ads or Google AdWords campaigns.

However, using the right strategies to craft your emails is essential to ensuring that they reach the right audience and convey the right message to optimize engagement. We recommend following the above tips closely as you learn the ropes and become more comfortable creating marketing emails.

Weave’s email marketing features can make it easy to roll out your email strategy and create engaging, professional email messages to send to patients. Watch a free demo to learn how Weave can improve your dental email marketing.

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