Although high-tech equipment is beneficial to your practice, it cannot compensate for outdated or poorly designed practice management software. Your practice management software keeps everything intact, which is why it needs to integrate seamlessly with your dental software. The right management software can help you keep current patients happy and expand your business by offering patients a faster, smoother experience. Dental practice management is hard work. Make dental software a benefit rather than a setback.

Choose easy to use software that benefits you, your staff and your patients

To streamline your dental practice, you need to choose management software that is easy to use, efficient and beneficial to your patients. Today, there is practice management software that takes the place of your phone company, easily integrates with your dental software and creates a communication hub by merging your email, telephone calls and texting. The communication between you, your staff members and patients has never been easier.

Are you still putting your patients on hold?

According to PRWeb, nearly 60 percent of patients who are placed on hold for less than 60 seconds decide to hang up and the Oren Harari of The Tom Peters Group states that companies (in general) lose 8-15 percent of their customer base annually. Nearly 70 percent of the lost clientele is due to unpleasant phone experiences. Remaining on hold ranks at the top of the list. If your software requires a staff member to answer the phone and then place the patient on hold to search for his or her information, your practice management software is outdated.

Innovative practice management software can prepare your receptionist for a patient’s incoming call

As the phone rings, the innovative software available today can pull up your patient’s important information and make it visible on your receptionist’s computer screen. This allows your receptionist to avoid putting the patient on hold to gather information. Additionally, the phone call seems more personal when your receptionist answers the phone using the patient’s name; which means that your receptionist will no longer need to ask a current patient questions like; “Can you spell your last name?” or “What’s your birth date?”

Family members’ information is also at your fingertips

When a patient calls, information about each family member that visits your practice will also be visible on the computer screen.  This lets your receptionist schedule appointments for other family members who are due for a checkup; special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays can also be acknowledged.

Account balances are visible

Additionally, if a patient has an outstanding balance, payment arrangements can be addressed. All this information is available on the computer screen that pops up when your patient calls the office.

Is efficiency a problem with your current software?

Out of date software can cause confusion, which leads to frustration. Talking to your staff is probably the best way to determine if your software is out of date.

Your software is out of date if it:

  • Is hard to use and/or difficult to learn
  • Requires numerous steps to accomplish a simple task
  • Cannot keep up with your office’s workflow
  • Requires frequent maintenance and/or repairs
  • Disrupts the workflow by moving slowly or freezing up
  • Is unreliable/certain functions are no longer working

Does your staff still call your patients with appointment reminders?

Does your staff have to spend their valuable time calling your patients to remind them about their appointments? If so, you need to update your software.

Appointment reminder through emails and texts

Practice management software is available that lets you communicate with patients through emails and texting, as well as through phone calls.

Texting or emailing appointment reminders is quicker than a phone call because both parties do not have to be available at the same time. With a text or an email reminder, your receptionist sends a message and the patient can easily reply with a yes or no whenever it is convenient. This keeps your phone line open so new patients can call and schedule their appointments.

Learn more about WEAVE practice management software

If you’re interested in learning more about practice management software, contact WEAVE today. WEAVE software easily synchronizes with your current dental software, replaces your phone carrier and creates a communication hub that merges your emails, texts and telephone calls. There are no contracts for you to sign, transitioning is easy because WEAVE does all the work for you, scheduled training ensures your staff understands and then becomes familiar with our software. Whenever a question arises, simply email our free email support line that is available 24/7.