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Weave’s Dental Practice Analytics lets you and your staff take action on your data instantaneously by integrating seamlessly with your dental practice management software and your phone system.

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How healthy is your dental practice? When it comes to business, don’t make guesses.

Weave’s Practice Analytics shows you metrics and data to keep your practice healthy.

To keep your business profitable and thriving, it is important to know your key performance indicators (KPIs), such as:

  1. Active patients
  2. Unscheduled patients
  3. Scheduled production
  4. Unscheduled restorative treatment
  5. Unscheduled hygiene treatment
  6. Cancellations
  7. New patient reappointment
  8. Hygiene reappointment



Weave's dental practice analytics

Weave's dental analytics part 2

Weave’s Analytics tool lets you see which patients aren’t scheduled (but should be) so you can easily schedule those appointments through automated texts. You can also see which patients owe you money so you can easily collect.

And because you can do all that through text messages, your team (like thousands of Weave customers) can save hours of time each week and spend more time on patient care, helping you grow your business.

Practice Analytics identifies where you’re letting opportunities slip through the cracks, and gives you the tools necessary to fix those areas.

“We used other analytic companies for many years and stopped using them altogether because there was too much information and it became overwhelming. Practice analytics provides us with the data that we need and it’s easy to understand.”

Weave integrates with your practice management system to pull your metrics into one easy-to-view dashboard.

Analytics show you metrics in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for updates.

Plus, you’ll see the list of patients who should be on your schedule, but aren’t. You’ll see all their details and have options to contact them right from the dashboard to get them scheduled.

Here’s What You’ll Love About Weave’s Practice Analytics

  • Take action from the dashboard

In the Practice Analytics dashboard, you’ll see the list of unscheduled patients. You can contact them (email, text message, or call) right from the dashboard to get them scheduled for an appointment right away.

  • Real-time analytics

Updates and refreshes every 15 minutes so you can always know when the metrics change. Your business changes by the minute, which is why your analytics should be always up-to-date.

  • See how many patients are diagnosed and haven’t accepted treatment yet

Patients who have been diagnosed need restorative treatment for optimal oral health. However, not all patients accept treatment right away–which is why 1) knowing who they are, and 2) following up with restorative treatment scheduling is key.

  • Predictable revenue

See how much revenue scheduled production will generate (based on procedure codes attached to the future appointment).

  • Keep customers from slipping through the cracks

See new patients unscheduled, hygiene reappointments, canceled patients unscheduled, and unscheduled treatments–all areas of opportunity for your business. You’ll know who your new patients are who haven’t scheduled a future appointment, who hasn’t scheduled a future hygiene appointment or restorative treatment, and who canceled their appointment without rescheduling.

  • Don’t leave money on the table

Unscheduled opportunity shows you just how much money is on the table from patients who haven’t rescheduled with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate Active Patients?

Active Patients are the patients that are (1) marked “Active” in your Practice Management Software and (2) have completed an appointment in the last 18 months.

Why does my active patient number change so frequently?

Active Patients will increase as you bring new patients into your practice or as you reschedule and see patients that haven’t been in the office in the last 18 months. Active patients will decrease as you mark patients as “Inactive, Archived, Deceased, etc” in your practice management software or if patients fall into the category of not being seen in 18 months.

What does it take to integrate Open Dental with Weave?

Open dental integrates seamlessly with Weave’s dental analytics.

How do you know when a patient’s canceled appointment was rescheduled?

When an appointment is canceled and you break the appointment, Weave logs the procedure codes that were on the broken appointment. A patient’s appointment is considered rescheduled when at least one of the procedure codes on the broken appointment is rescheduled in the future.

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