Looking for a modern and visually appealing medical spa design to make your practice stand out? It takes more than choosing the right color scheme or hiring a professional interior designer. You’ll have to merge every last detail seamlessly to create the perfect image, office, and reputation. Combine aesthetics, like a sleek, minimalist design, with functionality, like our cutting-edge Weave med spa software. Both let you enhance patient experience and streamline efficiency. Below is Weave’s quick design guide to give your practice a modern edge and aesthetic appeal that you and your clients will love.

Elements of Medical Spa Interior Design To Consider

Let’s talk about your new med spa’s essential elements and visual aspects and how they fit into your overall design. The trick is blending the “medical” — a clean, sanitary, and professional atmosphere — with the “spa” — a relaxing and beautiful sanctuary. It sends a message to visitors that they’ll receive the highest quality of care and comfort in a safe, professional environment.

Color Scheme

Don’t commit to a color scheme until you’ve spent time defining your brand and determining how your choices will fit into your overall marketing strategy. Generally speaking, it’s better to keep the palette simple and stick to one or two colors.

For example, consider trying a white base, as it is classic, modern, and clean, then use a single bright color or texture to accent the white and make it pop visually. We suggest using blue as your accent color. The purpose of a medical spa is to relax, calm, and promote wellness; according to research, navy blue is the most relaxing color. Next is a teal-turquoise combination and light pastel pink. Go with the colors that best suit your brand and the general atmosphere you want to evoke at your spa.


Proper lighting is one of the most effective ways to create ambiance in your spa. Which would your potential patients enjoy the most: the harsh buzz and sallow glare of fluorescent bulbs or the subtle, soft glow of dimmable LEDs?

It’s important to note that the lighting in your reception area should be vastly different than where you perform treatments, whether your med spa specializes in plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures. Treatment rooms should be well-lit yet not overly bright, whereas your lobby can have modern lamps or recessed lighting. 


Furniture is another essential interior design element for your spa. The trick is finding a seamless balance between color, materials, function, comfort, and aesthetics. Your reception area should feel welcoming, relaxing, and clean and accurately reflect your brand. Seating should be comfortable and elegant yet minimalist and professional.

While aesthetics are important, don’t get tunnel vision with style alone. Design every inch to leverage available space and maximize revenue. Create an efficient layout and natural flow pattern from reception to treatment and final checkout.


What type of décor best suits your med spa and its brand? Selecting the right style for your interior design is crucial because décor has no purpose other than aesthetics. With that in mind, your decorations and furnishings shouldn’t overwhelm or take up too much space that could be generating revenue. Designing a sleek, modern space requires you to select suitable materials, such as:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Epoxy
  • Leather

Other Considerations Outside Aesthetics

Read on to explore more important considerations for your med spa besides interior design and visual appearance. We’ll discuss operational efficiency, strong communication, reputation management, and your online presence.

Check-in Process and Speed

Long wait times and a slow check-in process are among the biggest detriments to the success of your practice and patient experience. Leveraging technology or software that can streamline the speed and efficiency of check-ins is an excellent investment for your spa.

For example, Weave’s Digital Forms allow patients to complete the necessary paperwork before their appointment for a fast, hassle-free experience. Additionally, Digital Forms’ automation options enable your office staff to spend less time managing forms and doing data entry into the patient record, so they can provide a superior customer experience in the office. 

The money you’ll save on paper costs and free time for your staff are just additional benefits. There’s nothing more modern or eco-friendly than going paperless, right?

Communicating With Clients

Learning effective client communication is an integral aspect of training your staff. Any employee speaking with a patient should remain professional, polite, and warm. It’s not just the manner of communication that’s important but the method. Nobody likes playing phone tag with their doctor or care provider, and for high-end practices (like plastic surgeons), providing fast and easy communication is particularly important.

The best solution to facilitating communication between staff and patients is upgrading to a state-of-the-art phone and texting system. Weave Phones has assistive features like caller information and analytics. Our Texting system offers simple, one-click communication through text, so you can schedule appointments, send reminders, or even answer questions. But Weave’s platform goes further than that. Weave texting allows you to easily tag, file, and assign messages from patients so that you can make sure the right person sees the message and knows they have to respond. Plus our phones and texting capabilities are integrated allowing your office more flexibility. 

Web Design for First Impressions

Your medical spa website forms a core aspect of brand marketing and promotion. Investing in professional website development services makes the entire design process much easier. Although you manage your practice and are the website’s owner, that doesn’t mean you have any experience building a med spa website.

While your med spa website design features are important, so is functionality. Consider utilizing Weave’s Online Scheduling software so people can log on to your website and book an appointment at their convenience.

The ideal medical spa website design will provide a positive user experience, offer a responsive and mobile-friendly layout, and have attractive visual elements. Furthermore, your website’s HTML coding should incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to increase visibility and brand awareness. Online Scheduling helps convert a positive user experience into revenue. Having a good layout and attractive design, won’t mean much if those website visitors don’t schedule an appointment. Adding a tool like Weave Online Scheduling allows you to capture new business right at the time when those visitors are most invested in your business. 

Ensuring accessibility for website visitors with visual impairments or degrading eyesight is also vital. For example, a vision-impaired profile on your website should have the proper color adjustments and contrast, a screen reader for keyboard users, and straightforward design and keyboard navigation for blind users.

Maintaining a Strong Reputation in the Community

If you hope to own and run a successful medical spa business, managing your reputation is key. Tasks like reading and responding to reviews on platforms such as Google, Healthgrades, Facebook, and Yelp go a long way toward building a stellar and trustworthy reputation in your local community. You should also request feedback or a review from every patient you treat. 

Using Weave’s Online Reviews management tool, you can text them a link to leave a review before they even leave your office. Accumulating positive reviews for your business also helps your business stand out in search results, which helps to create a wider patient base and, in turn, more revenue. 

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Examples of Great Medical Spa Design Ideas

What are your favorite interior design ideas for a medical spa? Below are some of the best ideas and trends to inspire you:

Modern, Minimalist Spa 

  • Colors: Neutral palette of gray or beige
  • Materials: Glass, stone, or epoxy
  • Décor: Simple, functional, unadorned
  • Furnishings: Hidden sliding doors, recessed lighting, leather furniture

Eco-friendly, Natural Spa

  • Colors: Earth tones — gray, green, beige
  • Materials: Wood and stone
  • Décor: Nature-inspired, relaxing, organic
  • Furnishings: Upcycled furniture, living plants, fountains or water accents

Luxury, High-end Spa 

  • Colors: Sophisticated palette of white and metallics
  • Materials: Glass, granite, steel
  • Décor: Extravagant, sleek, sophisticated
  • Furnishings: Ornate furniture, dazzling lighting, mirrored accent wall

Upgrade Your Medical Spa With Weave

Whether upgrading a current spa or starting from scratch, creating the perfect medical spa design to suit your brand is essential. Aesthetics are crucial, but so is creating an efficient, modern practice that focuses on patient experience. Contact Weave now at 833-572-2139 to learn more about how our advanced solutions for the medical spa industry can benefit your business and foster continued success.