The field of gastroenterology continues advancing each year as technology evolves, allowing you to provide upgraded treatment options for heightened patient outcomes. If you want to join the cusp of cutting-edge medical breakthroughs in gastroenterology, you should consider attending this year’s top gastroenterology conferences and meetings. Gastroenterology events and CME courses allow you to network with like-minded industry experts, expand your knowledge, uncover business opportunities, and learn about the biggest innovations your practice can adopt.

Whether you own a gastroenterology practice or are just starting in the field, you can benefit by attending an event. Read on to learn about this year’s top gastroenterology meetings, like CME courses, so you can sign up before registration closes.

Why You and Your Team Should Attend Gastroenterology Events

Gastroenterology events, CME courses, and meetings allow you and your team to expand your knowledge, industry connections, and practice efficiency. Whether taking official CME courses or attending group meetings on state-of-the-art technology, you’ll leave with valuable information that can shape your practice’s future. The following are some of the most trending topics you’ll find in gastroenterology events:

  • Digestive disease updates: Learn the latest treatment and diagnostic updates regarding digestive diseases.
  • Specialized procedure workshops: Attend workshops on conducting specialized procedures to expand your practice’s offerings.
  • Interaction with pharma representatives: Network with pharmaceutical professionals to discover the latest treatment breakthroughs.
  • Case study discussions: View studies on unique cases to gain new perspectives on your care strategies.
  • Gastrointestinal technology showcases: Learn about the latest technologies shaping the gastroenterology industry, like software platforms, imaging tools, etc.
  • Practice management insights: Uncover ways to streamline your practice for more efficient operation.
  • Gastroenterology-specific networking: Network with gastroenterology industry professionals to progress your career.
  • Disease management strategies: Discover new disease management strategies for improved patient outcomes.
  • Multidisciplinary approaches: Take CME courses on multiple disciplines to gain diverse perspectives.
  • Updates to guidelines and best practices: Stay up to date on the latest gastroenterology guidelines your practice must comply with.

By engaging in these gastroenterology events, you’ll not only enrich your professional knowledge and skills but also position your practice at the forefront of industry advancements and patient care excellence.

Top Gastroenterology Conferences and Events on Our Must-Go List 

Are you ready to attend this year’s top gastroenterology events and CME courses? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of top-ranking conferences below to plan your schedule accordingly.

IASGO-CME Advanced Post-Graduate Course

The IASGO-CME Advanced Post-Graduate Course is an annual CME course allowing gastroenterology professionals to expand their knowledge in the industry. The 2023 session has already ended, though the organization has not yet provided details for next year’s session.

In 2023, the CME course took place on November 1 at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan. You can expect details regarding the 2024 course to be released in June. In the past, the CME course took place on October 9, 2021.

American College of Gastroenterology Courses

The American College of Gastroenterology is hosting the 2024 ACG Endoscopy School and ACG Board of Governors/ASGE Best Practices Course, offering a comprehensive, deep-dive program for anyone interested in endoscopic training or general best practices. The CME credits for each course are as follows:

  • ACG Endoscopy School course: 8 CME credits or 8 MOC points
  • ACG Board of Governors/ASGE Best Practices Course: 13.25 CME credits or 13.25 MOC points

Whether you’re hoping to gain CME credits or simply want to expand your knowledge in didactic and hands-on endoscopic procedures, we recommend checking these courses out. The CME courses will take place January 26-28 in Las Vegas, NV.

ACG/FGS Annual Spring Symposium

The 2024 ACG/FGS Annual Spring Symposium, endorsed by the American College of Gastroenterology, provides 12 CME credits or 12 MOC points. The FL-based course covers various topics, including the latest clinical updates, breakthrough scientific discoveries, broad changes in the healthcare system, new diagnostic techniques, therapeutic challenges that professionals in the industry face, and more. By attending this symposium, you can gain 12 CME credits, all while soaking in the sunny atmosphere of Naples, FL.

The ACG/FGS Annual Spring Symposium will run March 8-10 at the Naples Grand Beach Resort in Naples, FL.

GUILD Caribbean

International conferences in nations like Austria may sound fun but can be unrealistic with your busy schedule. If you want a taste of the travel life while soaking in rich knowledge, interactive panels, and hot topics in gastroenterology, consider the Guild Caribbean 2024, taking place in Palm Beach, Aruba. The GUILD Caribbean conference will run from January 14 through 17, covering a range of CME courses and robust topics.

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