Dermatology conferences provide excellent opportunities for expanding your knowledge, connections, and experience in the industry. If you’re a dermatology professional who wants to participate in the world of medicine in a deeper, more supported way, you should attend a local or international conference. Read on to discover the top upcoming dermatology events so you can sign up for one on time.

What You Stand To Gain by Attending Dermatology Conferences

The best dermatology events are designed to join state-of-the-art innovations with information on staying organized at your clinic, improving patient care, and streamlining your practice. You stand to gain a lot through the support, information, and experiences you receive during an event:

  • Learn about innovative technology: Attend a session on ground-breaking tech that could reshape how your practice operates. State-of-the-art technology could revolve around patients, practice operations, contact methods, and more.
  • Discover new treatment techniques: Gain a new understanding of the latest treatment techniques to improve how you care for patients.
  • Uncover marketing opportunities: Receive information on the latest marketing strategies, like which trends your practice should use on social media.
  • Learn how to expand your practice: Bring more patients into your practice by learning the top techniques for expanding your client base.
  • Network with industry experts: Meet other professionals who work in the same field to gain future opportunities for expanding your career.
  • Uncover ways to streamline your practice operations: Discover new tech opportunities or strategies for improving your practice’s efficiency.

Attending these events can offer an invaluable opportunity to enrich your dermatology practice, equipping you with cutting-edge knowledge and networking opportunities that can transform both patient care and business growth.

The Top 5 Dermatology Conferences and Events on Our Must-Go List and Honorable Mentions

Now that you know why you should attend a conference this season, let’s dive into the best upcoming conferences for dermatologists and field professionals.

1. Dermatology Managers Association

The Dermatology Managers Association hosts an annual conference to foster educational development and career opportunities for professionals in dermatology or aesthetic practices. Whether you’ve just graduated college and want to build your career or already work as a physician, this conference provides educational information on career-focused topics. The primary topics covered in the event’s sessions are as follows:

  • Improving managerial skills
  • Leadership insights
  • Finance skills
  • Staffing and labor laws
  • Compliance regulations
  • Enrollment and credentialing
  • Facility management
  • Device safety
  • Patient retention
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Learning about new procedures and techniques
  • The latest retail products
  • Billing and coding
  • And more

The Dermatology Managers Association conference will occur from April 26 to 27 in Alpharetta, Georgia. The email registration form for attendance is now open on the organization’s website.

2. AAD Meeting

The American Academy of Dermatology Association hosts its annual AAD Meeting with over 300 educational sessions, where professionals gather from around the world to network, share ideas, and expand their educational levels. The AAD is the largest dermatology conference in the U.S., allowing you to discover the latest technological breakthroughs, networking opportunities, advanced treatment strategies, and more.

The dates for the 2024 annual meeting are March 8-12 in San Diego, California. You can sign up for the conference by completing the email registration form and additional steps on the organization’s website. You can reserve housing in advance as well before the dates fill up.

3. International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology

Are you interested in discussing the latest discoveries and research progressions in dermatology medicine with the top scientific minds from around the globe? If so, we recommend the International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology. If you want to watch the science of cutting-edge medicine unfold before you, you can attend this event in Paris, France, from July 24 to 26 or view it virtually.

4. Masterclasses in Dermatology

Why not elevate your conference experience by visiting a relaxing location like Puerto Rico? The Masterclasses in Dermatology event takes place in Puerto Rico on President’s Day weekend from February 16 to 19. At this event, you can uncover how numerous fields of medicine relate to dermatology, including infectious diseases, gastroenterology concerns, and other intersecting specialties.

5. CalDerm

The CalDerm annual symposium, sponsored by the California Society of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, offers flexible locations and time slots, so you can easily pick one that works best for your schedule:

  • May 3-5 in Napa Valley, CA
  • September 6-8 in Carlsbad, CA


Honorable Mentions

If you can’t fit the above dermatology conferences into your schedule, don’t sweat it. We recommend you mark your calendar for the following dates instead:

  • NCDA: January 26-28 in Greensboro, NC
  • ASDP: November 7-10 in Chicago, IL


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