Patients who come to your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) expect personalized attention, a clean operating room, and top-notch surgical procedures. Meeting these needs can be a challenge if your ASC is understaffed.

Surgery staffing is far more difficult than hiring a teen to work the register at a fast food joint. You must consider patient safety and healthcare regulations, as well as the skills of your medical staff. Here’s how to hire the best surgical technicians for your ASC.

Understanding Surgery Staffing Needs

ASCs don’t run off the backs of surgeons alone. In addition to surgeons, who must be licensed and up to date on training, you’ll need the following staff:

  • Nurses: A registered nurse must provide care, give medicine, and perform tasks before, during, and after surgery. Like surgeons, these professionals must be fully trained and certified.
  • Surgical technicians: Technicians assist the surgeon during procedures. They set out tools and identify problems with equipment.
  • Anesthesiologists: The anesthesiologist is responsible for administering anesthesia during the surgical process.
  • Administrative staff: Administrative staff handles patient records, scheduling for surgical services, and health insurance billing.
  • Other medical staff: May include radiologists, physical therapists, and lab technicians.
  • Support staff: Can include maintenance, housekeeping, and sterile processing staff.


The Role of Technology in Surgery Staffing

Technological advancements, such as Weave, can streamline ASC staffing processes. Weave features team communication and insurance verification capabilities, making it perfect for hospitals and ASCs alike.

Challenges in Surgery Staffing

Challenges in general surgery staffing include:

  • Keeping up with fluctuating demand. Your practice may be booming one day and practically dead the next. Finding the proper patient-to-staff ratio can feel like a puzzle with no solution.
  • Finding a quality healthcare team for your facility. As part of their job, ASC staff must be equally skilled at working with surgical equipment and patients.
  • Ensuring compliance with healthcare and labor standards. Make a single mistake with surgical team placement, and you could have government agencies breathing down your neck.


Strategies for Effective Surgery Staffing

How can you hire the best team to provide quality care for patients? Try these tips for surgical staff recruitment:

  • Contact a staffing agency. Whether you need a permanent employee or just a temporary worker to cover a few shifts, surgery staffing agencies ensure you’ll have the necessary help.
  • Foster a culture of caring and appreciation at your ASC. Happy employees tend to stick around through thick and thin.
  • Invest in training. This sends the message that you care about your staff’s professional development.
  • Review your compensation packages. You can’t skimp on salary and benefits if you want the most qualified surgical personnel.
  • Buy software, such as Weave, to ensure that your practice runs smoothly.

The Impact of Optimal Staffing on Patient Care

Perks of proper operating room staffing include:

  • Improved patient safety. If something goes wrong, your staff can respond and act quickly to fix the error.
  • Better patient outcomes.
  • More satisfied patients who may, in turn, refer others to your ASC. Additionally, pleased patients will likely return to your ASC should they need surgical services again.


Case Studies: Success Stories in Surgery Staffing

Using effective surgery staffing solutions means happier patients and staff. For an example of how Weave can help with staffing, check out our case study, “Happier Employees, Patients, and Wallets.”

Weave’s Role in Revolutionizing Surgery Staffing

Weave is specifically designed to help you manage ASC staffing. It includes:

  • Seamless communication features
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Bill payment reminders
  • Online scheduling
  • And more

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