Did you know that 5% of kids aged three to 17 struggle with language development issues, such as dysarthria, stuttering and other speech sound disorders? Adults can also suffer from a condition called aphasia, which affects their ability to comprehend and use language.

If your speech therapy practice wants to help patients like these, you’ll need to invest in quality speech therapy products, resources and techniques.

Understanding Speech Therapy Products

Both traditional and digital speech therapy resources have a place in your practice. Learn about some of these tools below.

Categories of Speech Therapy Products

The categories of speech therapy products include:

  • Assessment tools that can help parents and providers evaluate children for speech disorders and conditions such as autism
  • Intervention products to help kids with vocabulary, forming sentences, and practicing final word positions
  • Digital apps, games, and training programs to keep therapy engaging and fun for students

Benefits of Integrating Advanced Speech Therapy Products

Speech therapy products have many perks in the home and classroom. Check out these benefits below.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Little ones learn language skills, sounds, and words through play. You can purchase speech and hearing therapy products, such as colorful flashcards and toy microphones, to boost the motivation of patients and students.

If you’re looking for low-tech, budget-friendly products, try:

  • Bendy straws
  • Horns
  • Food-grade wood or plastic blocks (great for chewing and building oral muscle strength)
  • Nose flutes
  • Bubbles and wands

Streamlining Therapy Processes

Digital speech and language resources, such as patient monitoring apps, can aid you in tracking patients’ progress. You can also buy apps to assist with a patient’s initial evaluation.

Selecting the Right Speech Therapy Products for Your Practice

It’s important to choose products that suit your practice’s therapy goals and budget. You should also pick products that patients can buy directly from your practice.

Assessing Your Practice’s Needs

  • What age range does your practice treat? If you treat little ones, buy toys to help them build their word formation skills. If you mostly treat adults, purchase training apps they can use on their phones.
  • What conditions do you treat? You can buy products tailored to help patients with those conditions.
  • Do you offer in-person therapy or teletherapy? For in-person therapy, opt for physical products. Digital resources work well for teletherapy.

Considering Product Efficacy

Only buy speech therapy materials that are backed by solid research. Also, check out reviews from real patients and providers to learn what they think about the products you’re considering. After all, there’s no point in buying a product if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

Try Weave for Speech Therapists

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