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Onsite Install Scope of Services


Thank you for participating in Weave’s Official Installer Program. Below are all the items that must be completed at each install. Please be sure to access the “Field Install Case” assigned to you at

If there are any questions about an install, the first course of action would be to contact the onboarder for the specific install. The onboarder contact info can be found in the “Field Install Case”. If you cannot reach your onboarder for something urgent PRIOR to your onsite installation, please text (801) 406-3327. For TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE during an installation, please contact the Onboarding Tech Team by texting (801) 406-3270 or emailing [email protected]. If you need to speak with someone rather than texting, then mention that in the text you send.

We ask that at each install, you make your best effort to deliver the best possible experience for the office. A CSAT survey will be sent to each office after their install to help us get feedback on their experience.

To complete the install, you will be required to have the office administrator sign off on your work on the Onsite Installation Checklist sheet. Please make sure that proper expectations are set with them. It is vital that the office feels confident that their system is ready to go before you leave.

Prior to Arrival

  • Please Review the “Field Install Case” assigned to you. Contact the assigned Onboarder ahead of time with any questions or missing information. Field Install Cases are accessed through your partner portal at
  • You will need to conduct a “pre-install phone call” at least 48 hours prior to the day of the install. This will allow you to have greater rapport with the office and come to the office with the materials you need to complete the install in a single visit. The List of recommended questions for that phone call is available here. Also, click here to review the Required Materials to make sure you bring everything necessary for the install.
  • Check the “Phone Shipment Tracking Number” and “Install Equipment Tracking Number” on the install case to make sure the phones and other equipment (wall mounts, routers) have been delivered before you arrive. That tracking number is accessible in the Field Install Case under the “Phone Information” section. If the tracking number isn’t listed, email the assigned Weave Onboarder.
  • In the event the “router action” field in the install case is marked as “Need to Install/config ASUS Router (liability waiver needed)”, make sure to remind the customer to print out the Weave Router Liability Form and sign it before you come. You will be sent an email including this document prior to the install. We encourage you to bring a printed copy with you to the installation in case the customer hasn’t signed it before you get there. (***Situations needing an ASUS router will be rare, we anticipate them being needed less than ten percent of the time). In the event you accept an install case needing an ASUS router, we ask that you both install & configure said router.

Upon Arrival

  • Review phone order arrival with the office. Is it correct? Yes / No
    • If “No”, please log that in the Salesforce Case
  • Sit down with the office administrator and review the on-site process. Be sure to set proper expectations and a timeline for your install.
  • How many phones are there to be installed and how many workstations will be installed with software? How long do you anticipate that process taking?
  • Show them what you are going to do to install each phone.
  • Explain to them that you will be making sure the software is installed on each desired workstation (Weave onboarding may have already started the software install process. So don’t be alarmed if some workstations already have it installed. Just make sure they all are finished before you leave). You will access the download link at
  • Explain to them that you will make sure that the office’s current IT company (If they have one) or a Weave Installer puts in place the proper firewall/router configurations.
  • Explain to them that at the end of the install, you will be checking each workstation individually to double-check that everything is working properly.
  • Let them know you will label their modem and router to help them identify that hardware when future support needs arrive.
  • Show the office how to reboot their modem/router and phones. Explain to them when they should do that in regard to troubleshooting any phone issues that may arise.
  • Let them know that you’ll give them a very basic training at the end of the install before you leave with more in-depth training provided by Weave later.
  • In the event the “router action” field in the install case is marked as “Need to Install ASUS Router/config (liability waiver needed)”, make sure the Weave Router Liability Form is signed and uploaded into the Field Install Case.
  • In the event you arrive onsite and the phones are not provisioned, then you will need to provision the phones. Click on this Phone Provisioning Document for help on provisioning Weave Yealink phones.


  • If any new equipment or network wires are needed, please make those adjustments before finishing this install.
    • ONLY phones not already located near a network connection are to have a new network work wire run. Sharing drops between multiple devices such as phones and computers via the built-in Gig switch in the phone is sufficient.
    • Reference our Reimbursement info in your partner portal to see the allotted costs we will reimburse for the necessary equipment. Any reimbursement greater than $500 must be requested and approved before the materials are installed. Please notify your onboarder immediately when said costs are discovered.
  • Verify that the Modem is Bridged
  • Verify on the assigned install case, provided through Weave’s portal, that the box titled “Router Configurations Complete” is checked. This indicates that the proper configurations have been put in place. This is the Weave Onboarder’s responsibility. However, if you see that it isn’t filled out, please notify the onboarder immediately.
  • If an office has a Modem/Router Combo that cannot be put into Bridge Mode, it must be replaced. Please contact your onboarder to receive further instructions if this happens.
  • Label the Router and Modem accordingly. This will assist any future troubleshooting needs the office may experience. If they use a combined modem/router, please mark it as such and make sure the office understands that they are combined.
  • IP scan
    • All that is necessary for this step is to make sure that someone in the office has logged into the Weave Client software. Logging in will allow our system to trigger automatic measurements of IP performance.
  • Install All Weave Phones
  • Test each one to verify they are working
  • Verify that ALL desired computers have the Weave Software installed and working.
    • Even if it appears that all workstations have been installed, you MUST double-check each machine
    • Verify that the sync from each phone to the accompanying Weave client on the workstation is working properly.
  • Remove all but one of their old phones. Package them neatly in the boxes in which the new Weave Phones arrived.
  • Explain to them that the single old phone you’re leaving installed is there in the event that the call-forwarding is turned off. Explain that in the event call-forwarding stops working, they will still be able to answer that single old phone. They will need to simply call their old provider and turn it back on.
  • Write down their temporary number and help them understand the significance of that number. They should keep that in an accessible place and know to forward calls there in the event they have any disruptions with the initial call forwarding that you turn on.
  • Make note of any phone lines they currently use for fax purposes or security lines. You will make sure that no adjustments or changes are made to those lines.
  • Contact their current phone provider and turn on call-forwarding to the temporary phone number provided in the Weave Install Case. If they have multiple lines on their system, you must make sure ALL lines are forwarded minus any lines uses for fax or a security system.
  • Place multiple test calls to make sure that call-forwarding is enabled and working properly
  • If there are call quality issues, please contact the assigned onboarder before you leave. We may need to check the ISP performance or router/firewall config and make changes before you leave.
  • If a customer has signed up for Weave payments, you will need to install all terminals.
    • Power up your terminal by sliding the back cover off and inserting the connector cable.  Slide the back cover on to keep the connector cable in place.
    • Plug in the Power Adaptor into the connector cable and then into the power outlet.
    • You will need to decide if you are going to connect through WIFI or through an Ethernet Port. Ethernet should always be used unless a drop is required.
    • Lastly, you will register the credit card terminal to the Weave Application
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Please communicate with the office before doing anything with their payment terminals! Many of the offices may have paid for their terminals or have signed leases for their terminals so they might be reluctant to have the terminals (or Clover system) pulled out so the IT installer should be certain to confirm with the office PRIOR to removing terminals.


  • Show the office how to restart the router, modem, and phones. Explain that this is the first troubleshooting step for phone problems.
  • Enter all necessary info to the Install-Case on . Please leave detailed notes as those will allow the onboarder to provide an excellent experience for the office moving forward.
  • Train them on basic phone usage. You will simply need to follow the “Weave Desktop Quick Guide” that comes in the box with the phones. The items covered in there are sufficient. Each training item should not only be explained, but you should walk them through a real scenario. Have them call another phone number (such as their cell phone) to practice each step.
    • Placing/Answering a call
    • Holding a call (one phone and all phones)
    • Transferring a call (With an introduction and with no introduction)
    • Troubleshooting Basics
    • Explain that further training on the phone & software will be provided by Weave.
  • Schedule a time to come and do a post-port system check. This is not required, but we recommend this as it will be the best time for you to promote any additional IT services you offer. We ask that you avoid those types of conversation during the Weave Install process.
  • Ask the office admin to sign the “Customer Onsite Installation Checklist”. It will require them to review the work that you have done. It is important that you set the proper expectation with the office admin at the beginning so that the check-off process won’t take much of your time. Take a picture of the signed checklist and attach the picture to the case.
  • The Admin’s signature will mark the install complete. The case, however, will remain open until the Onboarder has reviewed everything to close the case.