Install Reimbursement Policy


Please keep in mind all of these items related to reimbursements:
  1. IMPORTANT: If anything is outside of this reimbursement outline and/or an install will cost over $1500, it needs to be approved by our Install Coordinator, or it will not be reimbursed.
  2. If any of these materials are used, you MUST submit a “Requested Payment Adjustment” in the Partner Portal along with an image/receipt of the equipment used. Here is a video that show you how to do that: PAYMENT ADJUSTMENTS VIDEO.
  3. For all IT Partners in Canada, you will be reimbursed the amount equivalent in Canadian Dollars.

Gigabit Ethernet unmanaged switches-
5 port → $50 Cap
8 Port → $60 Cap
16 port → $120 Cap
24 Port → $170 Cap

Cat6 Cabling
10 ft Cat6 cable → $5 Cap
14 or 15 ft Cat6 cable → $10 Cap
20-25 ft Cat6 cable → $15 Cap
RJ45 connector → $0.50

Power Strip → $15 Cap
PoE Injector → $25 Cap

Weave approved router → 10% above the buyer’s order cap @ $400*
ASUS RT Series → $150** (This is only for the purchase of the router, not for the installation)

*Only being installed with an ongoing agreement between office and IT company. To be installed by IT company with said agreement
**Must only be installed with a signed liability deferral agreement. The office doesn’t currently have ongoing IT support and doesn’t want to engage in that type of service.

Ethernet Drop
For each ethernet drop, you will receive an additional $100 plus material cost. (refer to scope of services to know if drop is required)

Additional Phones
$25 per phone for each additional phone after 10 (Must be submitted as a reimbursement)