A dental office should focus primarily on patient care, but many practices spend significant time and resources on dental claims, patient billing, and insurance collections. Collecting revenue is an essential part of business operations, but the in-house dental team doesn’t necessarily need to handle billing processes themselves. 

Remote dental billing services typically handle the insurance claims process for a healthcare provider, helping them submit clean claims to prevent denials and collecting owed payments from insurance companies. Some billing companies also offer patient billing, providing multiple payment options and overdue balance reminders. 

In this article, our team at Weave explains what remote dental billing is and how you can utilize it to help your practice collect more revenue and provide a better patient experience. 

What Is Remote Dental Billing?

A remote dental billing provider generally offers medical billing services, including insurance billing, to allow your practice to spend more time on patients and less on payments. Dental billing specialists process your practice’s claims and ensure that you receive insurance payments, increasing revenue and reducing overdue balances.  

The typical job description of a remote dental billing specialist includes the following:

  • Submits insurance claims
  • Posts insurance payments
  • Processes insurance denials
  • Makes necessary adjustments
  • Sends reports to in-house management
  • Researches unpaid claims over 30 days old

Some dental billing companies also offer patient billing services, such as collecting payments and sending balance reminders. Remote representatives can contact patients about overdue balances, provide statements, and check the patient ledger for errors. They typically offer various payment options for the patient’s convenience, including online card payments, text-to-pay, and mobile wallets (e.g., Apple Pay). 

A dedicated billing team or specialized billing software can help your dental practice grow by improving patient experience and increasing revenue. Efficient billing tools take the confusion out of medical billing for patients and the dental office, leading to higher productivity and more 5-star reviews. 

How To Utilize Remote Dental Billing

One of the greatest benefits of remote dental billing is making payments much easier for your patients and staff. With an easy-to-use platform that takes multiple forms of payments, sends automatic reminders, and offers finance plans, collecting balances from patients gets a lot simpler. 

The time and resources you save could reduce how many administrative staff members you need on your payroll. Fast, easy payments also enable your front desk employee to focus on customer service. Remote billing software helps manage patient accounts so your practice can focus on more important things like treatment plans and better health services. 

Full Payment Processing

Doing what’s most convenient for your patients makes it more likely that you’ll receive payments promptly. With a dental billing service, you can offer the most popular payment methods, such as card payments, mobile payments, and tap- or text-to-pay. You can also give patients the option to store their card information to make future payments faster. 

Remote billing software takes care of payment reminders by sending a request by email or text, increasing the chances the patient will see the message. Online payments enable patients to fulfill the request immediately, helping you keep your accounts receivables low. With these tools, administrative staff can focus on attending to patients instead of making phone calls every hour to collect payments. 

Remote billing services help you transform into a more patient-focused dental practice, allowing you to build stronger relationships and retain your existing patients. A person loyal to your dental practice is much more likely to refer you to their friends and family or leave a positive review. 


Text-to-pay allows you to send a patient their invoice in a text with a link to pay online. Using any device, the patient can choose the most convenient way to pay. With a remote billing platform, you can customize the messages you send to fit the tone of your dental office, whether it’s fun and friendly or professional and classy. 

Text-to-pay utilizes one of the most-used forms of communication to ensure that your patients get notifications about their payments and can settle their bills with no hassle. It can be challenging to reach patients by phone, leading to delayed communication about payments and wasted staff time. 

With 98% of people opening texts within 3 minutes of delivery, texting is a faster and more reliable way to send requests. Online billing services can be your solution for collecting payments on time and gaining more revenue.

Payment plans

Dentists choose their career path because they want to help people, but dental services can be costly, and not everyone can afford them. Over a quarter of Americans suffer from untreated tooth decay, and low-income individuals are twice as likely to fall under this category. One way to help more patients is by offering buy-now, pay-over-time plans through remote billing services. 

Providing financing options gives you opportunities not only to treat more patients but also to grow your revenue. Typically, billing apps partner with a loan provider that pays you as soon as the patient gets approval. The process can take as little as 30 seconds from application to approval and usually involves a soft credit check. 

With quick and easy financing plans with high approval rates, your revenue could significantly increase within a month. The patients also benefit from flexible billing options, receiving dental care with month-to-month payment plans that work with the payers’ budgets. 

Make Billing Hassle-Free With Weave

Weave is a remote dental billing software that offers tools for payments, reminders, texting, and scheduling. We also provide a straightforward solution for insurance verification, enabling your staff to verify patient insurance directly on the platform. 

Payments with Weave are effortless, allowing patients to pay the most convenient way for them and increasing the chance they settle their balance before they even leave the office. You can send payment requests over text so patients can pay wherever they are.

If you want to simplify your payments and improve communication with your patients, try the Weave demo today or call us at 833-572-2139.

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