In today’s business world, the collection and analysis of data is becoming more prevalent with each passing year. Data analysis isn’t just for large corporations; it can also help optimize small businesses and local healthcare practices. Dental practices that are trying to increase their treatments should consider using Weave Practice Analytics.

Analytics provides dentists with real-time, actionable data that’s built into their communication platform. This wealth of data can help dental practices drive growth and performance. Analytics is designed to improve your understanding of your practice’s health. It achieves this improved understanding by identifying patients who might have slipped through the cracks. It also increases your production of actionable data for your team members.

Let’s take a look at some of the other features within an analytics tool that can increase dental treatment acceptance for your office.

Analyze your data using practice analytics

Good practices do their homework. Using analytics, your office can review a data report to analyze what is working for both your patients and other dental offices. Studying your data to understand how to increase your treatment acceptance rate gives you an advantage over practices that ignore analytics.

Specifically, Practice Analytics software can help you identify the factors that are most likely to influence a patient’s decision to accept treatment, such as the type of treatment, acceptance rate, cancelations, and average time between treatments. This information can then be used to tailor your treatment presentations and marketing materials to maximize your chances of success.

Change the date

Every dental practice has times of the year in which it’s more difficult to get patients to accept treatments. Isolating these periods using analytics lets dentists drill down into the statistics to get a better explanation for why business slows at certain times of year. And, more importantly, analytics yields clues about how to address these slow periods.

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Check trends

Identifying trends is similar to checking a box score after a sporting event. Certain statistics don’t tell the whole story, but they do give you a pretty good idea of what happened. The rest of the story is filled out with your own experience, the anecdotes and opinions of your staff, and the reviews shared by customers.

Analyze your active patients

One way to do this is by seeing how a pandemic is impacting the attendance of older patients in your practice, or by checking out which insurance companies are making it possible for their clients to visit your office more frequently. Exploring these numbers can help you develop a strategy for increasing dental treatment acceptance.

Recapture patients

Analytics shows how many patients have been put on your schedule using phone, text, or email. In other words, it’s a key indicator of how your office is handling its outreach efforts. A high number of recaptured patients, especially in times like a pandemic, is an indicator of a thriving practice.

Focus on new patients

New patients need special attention in order to become loyal customers. An analytics tool highlights those patients with no prior services with your office. These clients are considered new patients after their first appointment with your office is completed.

Dig into hygiene reappointments

Analytics shows hygiene reappointments and provides benchmarks for determining how you’re doing with treatment acceptance. The category of hygiene reappointments includes adult and child prophylaxis, scaling and root planing for 1-3 or 4+ teeth, and periodontal maintenance.

Understand restorative treatment plans

An analytics tool also shows the percentage of patients that accepted a restorative treatment after being diagnosed by your team. This percentage helps offices understand how effective they are at convincing their patients to get the restorative treatment they need for optimal dental health. A final statistic available in this feature is the number of clients that have been diagnosed but haven’t scheduled an appointment for restorative treatment.

Increase hygiene treatments

The hygiene treatment plan feature is structured similarly to the restorative treatment plan analytics. It includes patients diagnosed with the following ADA procedure codes: fluoride, sealant, whitening, scaling and root planing, scaling and debridement, and gingival irrigation.

You and your team can view the percentage and total number of patients that have been diagnosed with hygiene treatment during an exam. You can also see if these patients accepted their diagnoses and scheduled an appointment for treatment with your office. Again, analytics makes plain which of your clients have been diagnosed but remain unscheduled.

Reduce cancellations

Cancellations and no-shows have been a problem for offices during pandemics. You’ll want to mitigate the effects of public health regulations and societal paranoia by looking into analytics.

Increase treatment acceptance with Weave

Analytics is the future of successful business for organizations of all sizes. Adopting and exploring the many capabilities offered by an analytics tool will help your business grapple with the challenges of a world impacted by COVID-19.

Weave includes analytics along with a host of other tools for an integrated approach to doing business. Connecting analytical software with consolidated communications, contactless payments, and customer insights makes your dental practice more adaptive and responsive to the demands of the market.

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