How Weave's phone system can help your dental office.

With a single unified platform, you can attract more patients, communicate more effectively, and engage them like never before.

Electronic dental forms

Allow your patients to fill out digital intake, consent, and medical forms from home or at your office. Reduce paper waste, save time, and scan insurance cards for your electronic records.

Online scheduling

Email marketing


Missed call texts

If callers can’t reach your front desk, engage with them using our missed call auto texts. These messages allow patients and potential customers to start text conversations with your office.

Call pop-up profiles

Complete patient profiles appear on your computer or smartphone screen when you answer calls. These profiles include details like upcoming visits and outstanding payments.

Contactless text payments

Let your patients pay for dental services via texted payment requests. If they want to stick with traditional payments, collect cash, checks, credit cards, and mobile wallets at your front desk.

Digital Fax

Team chat


Online review management

After appointments, send your clients a simple review request. As your online reputation grows, monitor your review status on popular websites like Google and Facebook.

Always open mobility

Keep in touch with your team and your patients as you’re traveling to conferences or working from home. Use your smartphone or tablet while communicating from your office’s number.

Curve Dental
Practice Works
Eagle Soft
Open Dental
Soft Dent

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Grow Your Dental Practice With Weave

Market Your Practice With Weave

Create a winning combination by combining the power of marketing to new patients with an all-in-one patient communication platform.

If you are like most dentists, you are investing heavily into acquiring new patients. Weave’s dental software helps you put your best foot forward with potential patients.

Online reviews are a major conversion factor for dentists. In-fact, 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust the recommendation of a friend. (1) Weave makes requesting online reviews a simple process.

Growing a dental practice is as much about patient retention as it is about new patient acquisition. The great news is that Weave also offers several solutions that help increase patient retention.

Weave’s phone system has automated smart pop-ups to provide your office information that will help build stronger relationships with patients.

Two-way texting, which comes as a standard feature of Weave, allows your office to communicate with patients in a convenient manner. All of your text office text messages can easily be managed through either your desktop software, or your smartphone app. Patients love the convenience of communicating with your dental practice via text message.

Weave’s software is so user-friendly that it allows your office to immediately start building stronger relationships with patients. While there is some training and setup involved in implementing everything that Weave has to offer, the basic functions of Weave that help build stronger relationships with patients are integrated with your dental software and require little to no training to get going.

Reduce the Stress of Managing Your Practice

Running a dental practice is stressful. Weave’s dental software and phone system help minimize this stress. You and your staff will love how Weave helps simplify administrative tasks, streamline team collaboration, and centralize all patient communication.

8 Systems In One: Finally, An All-In-One Patient Communication Software for Dentists

Weave users love the convenience of having their phone service, two-way texting, fax, reviews and so much more all through Weave.

Over the past decade, patient communication has come a long way. You can text patients when you need them to get a message, send them appointment reminders, request online reviews from patients, and even request payments via text message.

All of these features were created to help your practice be more successful; however, with the advent of so many new communication options came additional software platforms for your staff to manage as well. Your front office must now monitor text messages, review responses, phones, patient confirmations, and more.

If you are using 8 different software systems to manage all of these communications, it can become overwhelming. That is where Weave’s dental software solution comes into play. Weave has developed a unique system that revolves around your practice lifeline; your phone. Dental practices can now request reviews, send text messages, send appointment reminders, place phone calls, listen to call recordings, and access pertinent practice information right from one convenient dashboard.

Manage Your Dental Practice Communications Right From Your Smartphone

Weave’s smart phone app aids dental offices in distress. You can manage appointment scheduling, send text messages, make phone calls, and handle other administrative tasks, right from your smart phone. Imagine being able to access your schedule from your phone rather than having to remote into your dental practice management software. This is especially important in the case of an emergency.

Imagine this scenario. A snow storm shuts down the roads in your community.

Rather than trying to drive to the office in a blizzard, you can manage all of the communications for the day from your smart phone.

You can send out a message to all of your patients on the schedule to notify them of the office closure, and easily get them back on the schedule in the near future.

Weave users love that the HIPAA compliant smart phone app allows them to take care of their patient communications when emergencies arise.

Bring Your Dental Practice Billing Into the 21st Century With Text to Pay

Weave has changed the game when it comes to billing. Our HIPAA compliant Text to Pay option makes billing a convenient experience that your patients will appreciate.

We live in an age of convenience. When we want something, we can buy it online and have it delivered to our door the next day. If you want to appeal to consumers in today’s market, it is time for your dental practice to make convenience a priority.

The past two decades have seen drastic technological updates in dental practices when it comes to clinical charting, imaging, scheduling and customer support. It’s time for your billing to follow suit.

Simplify Your Dental Practice With Weave’s Dental Software and Smart Phone System

Patient communication should be easy. Weave’s integrated phones and software make connecting with your patients second nature.

Your phones are the life-blood of your practice. Weave is built around your phone system to enhance the communication process, and ultimately grow your dental practice.