When you decided to replace your traditional pen and paper management methods with efficient, state of the art dog grooming software, your management tasks became much simpler and more accurate. These software programs have a lot to offer and are capable of numerous everyday functions; however, while the typical everyday features are expected, there may be other useful features included in the software that you are not aware of.

Typical Everyday Features of Dog Grooming Software

Your software most likely allows you to:

  • Maintain detailed records of the services you offer.
  • Use time-based scheduling ability to schedule your appointments based on the breed of the dog being groomed and its condition; for example, a new client or a previous client that is difficult to groom or a dog that frequently has issues with severe matting will probably need a longer appointment time than the friendly poodle client who loves all the attention.
  • List service providers and manage commission amounts for each of them.
  • Keep track of all services rendered.
  • Manage your inventory.

3 Software Features You May Not Realize You Have at Your Fingertips

Your dog grooming software may offer you more benefits than you know. Below are a few of the features that many groomers do not realize they have built into their software.

1. Customer Service/Help Desk Applications

Every business needs to be able to offer their clientele customer service. One way this can be accomplished is through a customer service/help desk application that you make available to your clients through your website. Having this ability allows you to be more responsive to the needs of your clients thus building on the relationships you have already created and inviting potential clients to ask questions related to your services. Customer Service/Help Desk applications make managing your relationships much smoother which is obviously the most important aspect of your job.

2. Tools for Time Tracking

Keeping track of how you spend your time offers numerous benefits. These benefits include assisting you in determining how to be more productive and accurately estimate project costs. Once you start tracking your time, you can streamline processes and make the best use of your resources.

3. An Extremely Detailed Calendar

The majority of dog grooming software have a detailed calendar in the scheduling and reporting functions. This calendar depicts your daily revenue and detailed information about each transaction. You can use this information to calculate your total sales for the month; furthermore, you can use this calendar to make notes about your clients for future scheduling (i.e. “difficult to manage” or “done quicker than anticipated”).

Take advantage of these applications to grow your business and make the most of your dog grooming software.