Technology has changed rapidly in the 21st century. In particular, widespread use of the internet has altered the way humans think, communicate, and live. The way we access the internet has changed too; we’ve moved from bulky desktops and heavy laptops to sleek tablets and sophisticated smartphones.

Smartphones and other cellular devices are everywhere. People are glued to their phones, constantly watching clips, listening to music, checking emails, making purchases, and texting with work, friends, and family.

Businesses are more successful when they can reach their customers and potential customers through this technology.

Veterinary clinics aren’t any different. They face the challenge of reaching their clients in a sometimes overly-connected world. However, this challenge also provides amazing opportunities for growth and innovation.

Weave’s text reminder system provides a simple and effective approach to the complexities of veterinary appointment scheduling in a digital age.

Before we discuss the benefits of Weave’s software, let’s look at six specific problems veterinary clinics deal with when trying to contact their clients.

Vet Appointment Problems

1. Pet Owners on the Move

Pet owners can be incredibly difficult to reach. They lead busy lives, often coming home from work only to immediately head back out to the dog park, the local walking trail, or the stables behind their house. Like many people, they simply can’t find time to check the mail, scroll through their emails, or listen to lengthy voicemails.

2. Passionate Clients, Flooded Phone Lines

On the other hand, when they need information or confirmation regarding an upcoming appointment for their favorite animal, pet owners can be very persistent about contacting their local veterinary. Clients call their pet specialist relentlessly until they’re sure that yearly visit or important procedure is booked. Who could blame them? Their pets matter.

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3. The Diversity of the Animal Kingdom

Veterinary clinics aren’t like the doctor’s office. They host and treat a wide variety of species and breeds, and therefore need to be able to appeal to the owners of Clydesdales, macaws, Siamese cats, and German shepherds. This diversity is hard to reach with generic postcards and boring voicemails.

4. Swamped Administrative Staff

The staff of veterinary clinics are frequently overwhelmed with extensive to-do lists. They have to manage pet records, take insurance information, file and keep track of medications and treatments and deal with the chaos of getting animals in and out of the office smoothly. On top of all these responsibilities, the administration is expected to call a diverse array of clients for upcoming appointments.

5. The Cost of Snail Mail

Veterinary offices in the past have spent considerable amounts of time and money on contacting their clients with postcards. While these postcards can look nice and provide a tangible reminder of future appointments, most of them go unnoticed in a pile of junk mail or stuck behind a refrigerator magnet. Emailing isn’t much different; boxes go unchecked or are so stuffed with advertisements and spam that pet owners aren’t willing to sift through it all.

6. Practitioners Not Practicing

When all the other business aspects of running a successful veterinary clinic demand the attention of the practitioners themselves, vets can’t be vets. They become distracted and disengaged from the work they love. Something as seemingly insignificant as reaching pet owners for appointments can throw the whole clinic out of whack if reminders are handled ineffectively.

The Weave Solution

With an easy-to-use interface and ingenious custom settings, Weave’s text reminder system is a must-have for both veterinary clinics and their clients.

With Weave’s software, pet owners are easier to reach and their responses are easier to handle. In addition, businesses can more effectively cater to the wide-ranging needs of their diverse clients and their pets.

Business owners and their staff also benefit greatly from Weave’s approach to appointment reminders. The administrative side of the clinic is able to focus on specific problems without having to take on the mundane task of calling to remind clients all day long. Money is saved when practices employ Weave technology instead of relying on old-fashioned approaches like postcards and other mailings. And, most importantly, veterinaries can practice their trade and stop worrying about contacting their clients.

Below is a more detailed list of six ways Weave can improve your practice with its patented text reminder system:

1. Any Time, Any Place

Using Weave’s text reminder system, you can reach pet owners wherever they may be. It doesn’t matter if they’re busy taking their Dalmatian to the dog park, changing litter boxes in the basement, or practicing that next dressage competition—all they have to do is glance at their phone and they’re in the loop for their next visit to your practice.

You don’t have to bother with other reminder methods; everyone checks their phone.

2. Turn Down Call Volume

A constant barrage of calls can overwhelm any veterinary practice. When clients respond using Weave’s text reminder system, the call volume that the administration has to handle drops drastically. Instead of having to confirm every single appointment, your secretaries and staff can spend their time engaging with more pressing tasks.

And you don’t have to worry if your 4:00 appointment is coming in!

3. Custom Templates, Custom Care

With the custom templates provided through Weave’s software, you can make each appointment reminder custom-fit for your diverse clientele base. Include details such as the client’s name, the pet’s name, the pet’s breed, and the type of appointment scheduled. These small yet crucial details make a difference in helping your practice connect with the client.

4. Administrative Freedom

When your administration turns over reminder calls to Weave’s text reminder system, they will feel a burden lifted from their shoulders. Their efficiency in running your practice will increase, allowing you to spend more time providing quality service to your clients’ pets.

Text reminders mean less distraction and more attention to the crucial aspects of running a veterinary clinic.

5. No More Missed Appointments

When clients stop missing their routine and even special appointments, veterinary clinics are able to run more smoothly and make profits more consistently. Adding technology like Weave’s text reminder system to your practice eliminates the minor hiccups caused by clients forgetting about checkups, procedures, and surgeries.

Your clients are always thinking about their pets; help them remember their appointments.

6. Establishing Your Brand

By sending your clients’ text reminders through Weave’s software, you will establish a better rapport with them. They will develop a better relationship with you and your office staff and will recognize your business as one that really cares about their needs and their pets’ needs. The choice to use text reminders can quickly increase customer satisfaction and provide your business with the bump in profits you’ve been looking for.

Learn About Weave

Technology like smartphones presents all businesses with new challenges and opportunities. Veterinary clinics face these circumstances just like any other business. Using an effective text reminder system is an important aspect of evolving as a business in the 21st century.

Your clients will know about their appointments in advance. Their pets will be healthier and happier as a result of making all of their visits on time. Your staff won’t have to worry about making calls or sending postcards. And you can stick to doing what you do best: being a vet.

If you’d like to better understand how Weave’s innovative system works and why it’s a must for your veterinary clinic, please contact us about setting up a free demo.