A modern communications system is vital today’s business world. Although many businesses use communications as diverse as phone calls, texting, online chatting, emailing, postal services, and social media on a regular basis, they neglect to find a VoIP service that connects all of these styles of communication. Small businesses are often especially guilty of ignoring modern communication trends.

Some small businesses are interested in evolving and implementing the type of phone system that would allow them to unify communications. However, the idea of such a system can sound a little abstract to many people. Businesses owners want to equip their practices with the right technology, but they don’t exactly what they should be looking for.


Weave has developed a phone system that unifies business communications

The combination of sleek phones, integrative software, and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony allows small businesses to revolutionize the way they communicate.

We supply businesses with new phones upon installation. Our software brings together your practice’s electronic health records, your new phones, and all your practice’s other forms of communication. This unification is made possible by relying on the internet as opposed to old-fashioned landlines.


Here’s a detailed list of the features to look for in a phone system for your small business and how Weave’s phone system provides those features:

Connection to Electronic Health Records

In the healthcare industry, there has been a massive shift from reliance on paper and manila folders to digital health histories. Electronic health records are now the gold standard for any healthcare practice, from huge insurance companies to major hospitals to local dental practices. It’s essential that any healthcare practice utilize these electronic health records.

Weave’s phone system makes these electronic health records easily accessed. In fact, when patients call a practice, their health histories are made readily available to both office employees and doctors. This convenience cuts down on time spent searching through file cabinets and allows practices to focus on their patients’ immediate concerns.


Unlimited Long-distance Calling

Modern business phone systems should utilize VOIP telephony. One of the major perks of relying on the internet instead of landlines is that businesses can make unlimited local and long-distance phone calls. This saves time and money for small businesses, especially those practices whose clients live in other area codes.

Because Weave’s phone system is a VOIP phone system, it offers these savings to small businesses. Once businesses install our system, they only need to pay a flat rate for all local and long-distance calls. Not having to worry about call volume and long-distance rates gives small businesses permission to focus on service instead of expenses.


Unlimited Rollover Lines

Rollover lines are lines that receive phone calls when a main line is busy. Basically, their purpose is to help customers avoid the dreaded busy signal. Many small businesses subject their clients to busy signals because they have yet to switch from analog to digital telephony.

Weave’s phone system utilizes rollover lines to make calls to a business as quick and comfortable as possible. An important part of rollover lines is interactive voice response (IVR), which is a technology that interacts with the human voice by taking input, processing it, and returning a result. Our phone system uses this technology to get patients to the right employee while ensuring they aren’t trapped in a call queue or endless automated menus.


Call Tracking

Analog phones provide a call log, which usually entails a name, number, and call time. In today’s data-driven business world, these call logs don’t supply businesses with nearly enough information. Businesses today need to be able to record calls and compile complex statistics that can be dissected and analyzed in order to find opportunities for growth and improvement.

By giving small businesses the tools to record calls, Weave’s phone system allows business owners to sit down and work with their employees to develop better customer service habits. This same system creates detailed reports of call productivity, including numbers like calls placed, calls answered, and calls missed. Regular review of these reports can provide insight into how businesses need to change their routines and policies to meet customer demands.


On Hold Music and Marketing Messages

Businesses that use analog phones often don’t have anything other than the beeping of a busy signal or conventional elevator music to play for their customers when no office staff can accept a call. VOIP phone systems offer businesses option to handpick music or record a marketing message for customers on hold. These customizable options make for a more pleasant customer experience.

Weave’s phone system incorporates these options into your business’s on hold music. Our system does everything in its power to get patients to the employee they need, but we also recognize that sometimes waiting is unavoidable. Your patients might as well listen to some good music as they wait.


Emergency Contact System

Small businesses face the dilemma of having a limited staff, therefore preventing the business from running around the clock. The problem is that, especially in the healthcare field, customers need service at all hours of the day. Health emergencies requires practitioners to field phone calls even at the most inopportune moments, and an effective phone system should enable doctors to deal with these emergency calls.

Weave’s emergency system is organized and user-friendly. It converts phone messages to audio files that can be sent directly to employees by email. In turn, employees can respond by phone or text, giving them multiple options to answer the call of duty in a quick and respectful way.


Voicemail List

Analog phones frequently keep only audio recordings of voice mail. Digital phone systems record audio and also convert those audio files to text in the same way smart phones do. This conversion allows employees to scroll through messages without having to listen to them.

Weave’s phone system uses this technology to save the office staff of small businesses time. Going through voicemail by listening to it can be distracting in a small office. Visual lists of voicemails are easily monitored and reviewed from behind a computer, thus avoiding major disruption.



Presence is a term that describes the ability to see the names associated with each hold line through an interface. Of course, analog phones don’t provide this option. Businesses big and small need this technology in order for their employees to identify transfers and prioritize their phone conversations.

By providing a presence option, Weave’s system empowers small businesses to work more efficiently. Office staff can choose which conversations to have first and doctors can pick up the right transfer call every time.


Ring Groups

Analog phone systems make it difficult to program or alter programming for which office phones receive incoming calls and which receive only transfer calls. A modern, digital phone system simplifies this process and allows businesses to change the designed ring groups at any time.

Weave’s system facilitates this classification of incoming phones and transfer phones. Small businesses benefit greatly from these ring groups, especially from the ability to change a phone’s designation at the drop of a hat instead of waiting around for a specialist.


Customized Directory

In a similar way, digital phone systems allow businesses to customize their directory. These directories come across much more naturally than analog systems that rely on automated attendants. Customers prefer the option to respond to IVR by voice or keypad.

Our software provides small businesses with the ability to customize their directories. Not only does this customization feel more natural to patients, it also increases efficiency and sometimes even answers patient concerns before they speak to an actual employee. These directories are both easy to set up and easy for customers to navigate.


In-office Paging

For offices with analog phones, getting ahold of a coworker can sometimes be a pain. If their line is busy, staff often have to walk back to another office to speak with a doctor or nurse. Paging, along with team chat, are aspects of digital phone systems that make office life easier.

Small businesses improve their in-office communication with the paging feature of Weave’s phone system. They cut down on their laps to the back of the office and are able to stay at their work station more. This convenience helps both customer service and productivity.


Smart Pop-up Notifications

Smart pop-up notifications are strictly a digital feature. Analog phones have nothing comparable to assist office staff with a given phone call. These pop-ups include prompts to remind customers about upcoming appointments, to schedule future appointment, and to pay bills over the phone.

Weave’s phone system uses pop-up notifications to change the way your small business handles phone calls. Office staff and practitioners no longer have to scramble to remember everything a specific patient needs to take care of. The notifications take employees through a step by step process to ensure that all appointments are properly scheduled and all bills are paid on time.