You can improve your company’s reputation in many ways. However, to attract new talents to work for you, you need to prove why your company is a great place to work. From a candidate’s perspective, it is challenging to find honest feedback from previous or current employees expressing their opinion about a company, especially when it comes to advantages and disadvantages that only become clear during the first couple of months of working there.

That is why uploading employee testimonials talking about their work-life balance, career growth, benefits, and friendly environment will encourage new candidates to join your company.

As a manager or an HR, gathering high-quality employee stories and sharing them with the outside world is important. Whoever checks your job boards will immediately jump to other pages to read the feedback about your organization, and it is more often than not complaints rather than praises. By uploading a written or video testimonial of every employee, your potential candidate will receive trustworthy information from them and be more willing to apply for a position.

In this article, you will find out why a well-done testimonial is vital for a job seeker and the overall company’s reputation.

What is the Goal of a Testimonial from an Employee?

An employee testimonial is a great opportunity for a job seeker to find out how your company is different from other corporations. It is an official statement made by current employees that describe why they keep working for your organization. It also includes details of what your employees are happy about, and this can be about the company itself or solely about a position.

An employee testimonial can cover other topics as well, for example, interesting and exciting projects happening in the company, a healthy relationship between colleagues and higher management, and even about opportunities to start a new career, or growth opportunities within the company.

Moreover, if you employ talents from different countries, it is an excellent chance to show the diverse organizational culture your company supports and strives to be.

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Forms of Employee Testimonials

You can upload many forms of employee testimonials to your website, your company’s social media account, or its careers page. Here are some of the popular options you can consider:

Article Testimonials

Article testimonials are like blog posts written by current employees about their experience. A potential candidate will read about the author’s journey and career growth, about colleagues and personal improvement.

Such articles are usually posted on the company’s website and sometimes on social media.

Interview Testimonials

Interview testimonials are similar to the previous form, but they tend to be shorter, including only the most important information. They can be posted as a text or a video, where multiple employees answer similar questions about working in your company.

Photo Testimonials

Photo testimonials are a creative form of showing both the text and the employee’s photo to who the opinion belongs. Compared to text, the photo format usually looks more attractive and features bullet points or short quotations from the employees.

However, unlike article testimonials, a photo form is usually short and general.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is a great solution, as it shows employees’ body language and their expressions. With a video, there is a different level of interaction with the watcher. However, creating a professional employee testimonial can be complicated as people usually get shy in front of a camera.

While it might incur more funds to outsource, it will be worth it. Video testimonials can be uploaded to the website, social media, or other platforms.

Social Media Posts

Unlike article employee testimonials, social media posts are targeted at a bigger audience online to attract them to apply for an open position or improve the company’s image. It can also show how your company values employees and what career opportunities it offers.

The Importance of Testimonials from Employees

With the growing number of companies, it is hard to find talented people to work for you.

Showcasing real employee testimonials talking about their experiences helps prospective candidates see the advantages of working in your company. The employee referrals can tell a lot about the company culture, leadership support coupled with great benefits will surely convince new candidates to apply for open positions. It helps establish connections with future employees even before they are hired and become a part of your awesome team.

It is a golden opportunity to hire new people, especially when many people resign in order to find a job with better working conditions.

Along with the feedback from employees, you can include the company’s mission and vision and what you are trying to achieve or change in the world. All of it will create a picture that your organization is a great place to work at.

Employee Testimonial Examples

Client testimonials usually describe the quality of service and satisfaction with the result. As for employees working for a company, the relationship with the company is about support, development, and career growth. There are many things to mention, but usually, employees cover some of the essential aspects of working with a company:

  • Employee’s position
  • Company culture
  • Work environment
  • A typical day at work
  • About the team

Depending on the employee or your guidelines, the testimonials can mention the management team, learning opportunities, work culture, and many other ideas.

The most important task is to make the testimonials genuine. Potential candidates will look at the careers page and feel inspired to join your established or young organization.

How to Create Your Employee Testimonials?

Talented employees are the key to success for any company. Hiring a person with the right skill set is essential to deliver high-quality products or services. Due to the Great Resignation, it became harder to retain skilled employees and also recruit new ones.¹

Thus, when creating an employee testimonial, you need to address it seriously as one of the chances to attract new talents. Such a form of employee endorsement will show potential candidates that your company truly cares about the well-being of people, the work-life balance, and other essential factors that play a significant role in the work culture today.

One of the most effective forms of testimonials is video. It is engaging, and people find diverse, high-quality content gripping, and in a short time, it is possible to covey the most crucial information. Moreover, people tend to believe video testimonials more than a social blog post or an article that can be fabricated.

Creating an authentic testimonial is a challenge; however, you can follow these steps to help you create exceptional content.

Share Your Company’s Values

Every company promotes its values on every platform; therefore, it is important to include them in your video testimonial, too. This way, your employees can also base on that and support your statement with their positive experience.

However, it can be the case that the value you promote might not align with what your employees think. It is best to run a poll or an anonymous survey to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Assign Volunteers from the Company

To avoid awkwardness, you should pick the employees who are comfortable with being on camera and who are willing to participate in this project. Your employees might need encouragement in the form of a gift card or any other attractive offer. It is a nice gesture that can motivate employees to tell their stories.

It is important not to force anyone to share their journey as it may seem stiff and unnatural. Those employees who are eager to talk will find it easier, if not effortless, to display genuine emotions.

Oversee the Process

When recording the video, there should be a person managing the process. People tend to get lost in thoughts, and giving them time to think during the recording will result in wasted time.

Instead, your employees should be prepared in advance. It will guarantee nobody will stumble or get nervous. Your job is to ensure all questions are answered clearly and in detail. You can also provide an example of what they can mention, for example, about a high-energy atmosphere, great leadership, or ample opportunities. But in the end, it is really up to your employees what they want to share with the world.

Invest in High-Quality Content

Writing an article is relatively easy in comparison to making a video. For starters, you can ask your employees to share their achievements and progress in text. And then, when you have more funds available, you can start working on the video.

The quality of the video is based not only on high resolution but also on the clarity of the audio, the background, the smooth transition, and its overall look. If you lack the team to edit the video, consider hiring an agency that can deliver the final product.

In Conclusion

Whichever form of employee testimonial you choose, make sure you produce quality content that is authentic and genuine. In order to achieve that, your employees need to participate willingly so that their genuine excitement and satisfaction transfers through the written piece or a video.

The testimonials will help you gather the best talents on the market and help your company prosper.

Moreover, it will improve your company’s reputation; however, keep in mind that it is only one of the many ways to reach out to both potential candidates and clients successfully. Long-term investment in your business with a well-devised strategy always pays off in the long run.

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