Weave Reviews is changing to comply with Google’s policy change.

Google has recently announced that they have updated their Google reviews policy. This new policy states, “Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.”. In order to comply, we are making a small change to the functionality of Weave Reviews.

What Is Changing?

Essentially, the only difference is that sub-4 star reviews can no longer be reviewed and handled by the practice before they are posted to Google Reviews.

How Will This Impact My Reviews?

This change should only help your practice. Research shows that without gating, reviews can increase by up to 20% with no significant impact on the star rating.

See our comprehensive guide to Google Reviews here.

How Weave Reviews Helps Practices

Weave understands some of the challenges of local business. Even one especially poor review can be damaging if a business doesn’t have a lot of reviews, but this change should be incentive to try and get as many reviews as possible. Download our guide for getting more reviews within Google’s guidelines.

Also, as one of our primary goals has been to help small businesses use their reviews as an opportunity to respond and improve, we will give patients the option to leave private feedback. This can be a healthy way for patients and practices to open a dialog to improve services. This continue to give practices the ability to see and respond quickly to any negative feedback.

Practices can easily view all private reviews in the same way they used to be able to view sub-4 star reviews, allowing them to quickly see and address any feedback. You can also respond directly to Google reviews online.