Veterinary professionals stay current in the field to provide top-notch care for their animal patients, but what’s the best way to stay informed on veterinary practice management? One way to learn about the latest techniques for treating pets, research activities, and how clinical signs change is through reliable veterinary magazines. 

Below are a few suggestions for where the veterinary faculty can access ongoing industry news to inform their practice.

Overview of the Top Magazines for Veterinary Medicine Professionals

Is dvm360 reliable? What about The Veterinary Journal? Today, subscribing to veterinary medicine journals or magazines for information just takes one click.

Members of this faculty have easy access to affordable educational materials on hot topics, from veterinary oncology and internal medicine to veterinary business tactics and breakthrough trends. Why not look into the magazines and journals below for veterinarians and students alike? You can even choose a digital or printed issue for convenient access. 

Today’s Veterinary Business

Today’s Veterinary Business covers the business end of veterinary practice management, diving into financial benchmarks, marketing, operations, and industry news. The content attracts everyone from students and veterinary medicine doctors to nurses and front desk staff members who want valuable information with their subscription access.

Today’s Veterinary Nurse

Today’s Veterinary Nurse is one of the most popular peer-reviewed journals for veterinary medicine nurses, nursing students, and vet nurse assistants. Each issue looks at topics like technical nursing skills, peer-reviewed content, breakthrough techniques, and earning your CE.

Today’s Veterinary Practice

Today’s Veterinary Practice offers access to peer-reviewed, fresh content tailored for veterinary medicine technicians, practice managers, and other professionals in this field. Signing up gets you new content on diverse topics six times a year.

Veterinary Advantage

Unlike more general veterinary magazines, Veterinary Advantage has a unique focus on animal health distribution channels. A few of its acquisitions include Companion, Equine, and Livestock.

West Coast Veterinarian

Lastly, the SBCV publishes West Coast Veterinarian’s quarterly issue on all sorts of topics. Each publication focuses on regional and provincial veterinary issues, as well as practice-relevant information and major shifts happening in the field at the present time.

Benefits of Subscribing to a Vet Nurse Magazine and Other Veterinary Business News

When veterinarians and their teams subscribe to a vet nurse magazine or a source of veterinary business news, it’s simpler to stay up-to-date. Enhanced learning will always boost your practice management skills. 

As an example, these professional vet magazines often discuss important questions or topics, such as:

  • Who makes the most money in the veterinary field? Zoo veterinarians and practice managers have the highest salaries of all vet professionals today.
  • Why is vet medicine so expensive? Vet medicine costs a lot because the drug prescription process for animals requires approvals at various levels.
  • Are online vets legit? Some online vets offer legitimate forms of vet care, but nothing beats pet owners coming in for face-to-face help from trusted veterinary practices.

With digital and print formats available, any vet magazine offers convenient access to information for busy professionals.

How Weave Enhances Veterinary Practice Management

If you’d like to go beyond publications, various new technologies simplify veterinary practice management. Take Weave as an example.

Streamlined Communication

Weave’s intelligent phone system and appointment reminders can improve client communication while boosting appointment adherence.

Efficient Practice Management

Weave’s online scheduling and payments streamline administrative tasks for a more efficient veterinary operation.

Enhanced Client Engagement

With Weave’s digital forms, reviews, and email marketing tools, you can boost client satisfaction for sustained practice growth.

Expand Your Horizons With Weave for Vets

Veterinary magazines keep you in the know, and that’s always the beginning of great things! Get a demo of Weave today to see how our platform can take you further.

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