Are you tired of the phone system at your dental practice? Old-fashioned telephone systems are slow, cumbersome and prone to errors, missed information and dropped calls. Is your dental office – and the workers in it – ready for a smarter way to communicate with patients?

Turn your phone system into a smart phone system today with Weave’s phone system!

If you are like many healthcare professionals, you may have a smartphone for your personal use, but you may not realize that you can get a smart phone system for your dental practice.

What Makes a Smartphone So Smart?

You may be wondering how a smart phone system is different from the touchtone phone your practice already uses. In short, a smart phone system is any device that lets you make phone calls plus send and receive emails, text patients, edit documents, update patient files, and more.

So what makes a smart phone system so smart? Software.

Software runs all your smartphone’s applications. Software allows your new smart phone system to answer calls, run practice management software and contact patients.

Before the age of smartphones, patients would use an old-fashioned phone to schedule an appointment with a dentist. The employee answering the phone would ask the patient a series of questions, including name, address and phone number. Frequently, the worker would put the patient on hold while she searched for the patient’s file or contacted another department within the office. An employee could be on the phone for several minutes and still miss pertinent information about the patient – not a very smart phone system at all.

Cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) began to make telephone communication much smarter by the end of the 20th century. Cell phones freed people from wall-mounted or desk phones but the early models could only make phone calls. PDAs were the first portable organizers, capable of storing information and syncing with a computer. PDAs started connecting wirelessly to the internet and became capable of sending and receiving emails. Cell phones also gained messaging capabilities. PDAs and cell phones kept evolving, eventually turning into the smartphones we know today.

The new generation of smartphones is capable of incredible feats of communication. In addition to acting like a regular phone, a smartphone can tell you who is calling, access the caller’s chart and billing information, send text messages and appointment reminders, and even wish your clients a happy birthday.

Install a Smartphone System at Your Dental Practice

Create a smart phone system at your dental practice by installing each of the components of a smartphone. Get a phone system with caller ID and an unlimited long distance calling package. Purchase practice management software that allows you to schedule appointments or check a patient’s billing status. Teach your employees how to text patients. Download an application that contacts patients automatically.

Weave is the wisest way to turn your cumbersome old phone system into a smartphone system. The smartphone system of Weave puts all of the patient’s information at your fingertips instantly, the moment your client calls your office. Weave also allows you and everyone in the various departments of your office to access patient information, creating a truly collaborative environment that streamlines your operations and improves patient care. The smart Weave system lets you text patients, send automated messages and keep your dental practice on track. Weave is also convenient in that you get all the applications you need in one convenient package. Now that’s a smartphone!