Do your office members groan when the phone rings off the hook? A ringing phone means more patients – and more revenue – for your dental practice. Many of your employees may not see it that way because, frankly, answering the office phone the old-fashioned way is dreadful.

Researchers asked 2,000 office workers what they hated most about their jobs. The telephone ringing at 4:59 pm was number two on that list. Office workers groan when the phone rings at a minute before closing, worried that taking the call will prevent them from getting out the door on time. What your practice needs is a management software that’s fast, so your team can book appointments quickly and still leave work on time. Weave’s innovative VoIP phone system ties into your practice management system for a seamless call experience.

New Patient Inquiries are the Lifeblood of Your Practice

New patients are the lifeblood of your dental practice, so the prospective patient’s first contact with your office must be pleasant and helpful. This initial phone call serves as the foundation for a patient’s relationship with you and your dental team.

New patient inquiries are a priority and should be handled with confidence and ease. These initial phone calls help you and the other workers in the practice develop a relationship with each patient.

Unfortunately, new patient inquiries do not always convert into an appointment. Patients may be shopping for a low price or an office located within a couple of miles of home. Some prospective patients may not make an appointment because they had a bad experience during their initial phone call; inability to find information, a slow computer system, a frustrated worker and other factors can discourage the caller from making an appointment. Letting these clients slip through the cracks can cost your practice thousands of dollars each year.

Are you getting substantially more patient inquiries than new patient appointments? If so, it is time to take your new patient experience to the next level by making it easier for your employees to get the information they need to convert a prospect to an appointment.

Make New Patient Inquiries a Breeze

Offices need to develop a system and utilize tools to help them gather pertinent information and set the stage for a loyal client base. An efficient system helps you and your office become more productive while simultaneously building a lasting relationship with your new patient.

Weave’s software helps you learn critical information about a new client’s dental needs. It also helps you discover and organize personal information about your new clients, such as where they live, what they do for a living, their family life and even what their favorite hobbies are. Knowing these details about a new patient can help you and your office workers set the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship from the very first visit.

Answering the phone is a breeze because Weave keeps all the patient information in one convenient place, right at your office workers’ fingertips. This innovative system helps your workers look forward to answering the phone, especially after they discover how easy it is. The advanced technology of Weave makes boarding new patients a one-step process. Weave will make a ringing phone your practice’s best friend.

An efficient system sparks your office members’ enthusiasm for a ringing phone. No more struggles to identify the caller, putting the client on hold while the worker finds pertinent information, or lengthy telephone conversations to learn what the patient needs.

In very little time, your office personnel will become pros at using Weave’s intuitive software. Every team member that uses Weave can master it quickly to become an invaluable asset to patients, the dental team and the practice. Instead of dreading incoming phone calls, your staff will begin to welcome the sound of a ringing phone.