Understanding Healthcare Reputation Management

What exactly is healthcare reputation management? Essentially, it involves monitoring and influencing how potential patients see you online.

A positive online reputation is important because more people are checking out healthcare businesses via the Internet than ever before. According to a study by Software Advice:

  • 90% use online reviews to evaluate new healthcare professionals.
  • 71% use review sites as the first step in finding a new physician.
  • 66% feel that it’s “very” or “moderately” important for a healthcare practice to respond publicly to negative reviews.
  • 43% would go outside their health insurance network to see a healthcare provider with many positive online reviews.

As you can see, it’s clear how important your digital presence is when gathering more patients and building patient trust. What do major review sites say about your brand? Take a moment to run a Google search on your practice. You might be surprised by what patients have to say about you on review platforms.

If you need help proactively managing your online reputation, you may want to try Weave. Our software includes healthcare reputation management features to help you get more reviews and handle patient feedback with ease.

The Digital Footprint of Healthcare Providers

So, what exactly goes into healthcare reputation management? The first thing you’ll need is a profile. You can put up a profile of your healthcare business and its patient care services on several online platforms to help prospective patients learn more about your practice. In your profile, it’s vital to list everything patients need to know about your practice, including procedures performed and contact information.

A strong profile is important because it helps patients find your healthcare business through an organic search. That means you don’t need to spend a dime on ads to attract more patients.

The second thing you’ll need is social proof, such as star ratings and reviews. In addition to building rapport and trust with patients, reviews help you identify areas that need improvement.

You’ll also have to respond to reviews, of course. Doctors, dentists, and hospitals should respond to both negative feedback and positive patient reviews. This goes a long way toward securing your reputation.

If healthcare reputation management sounds too overwhelming, consider Weave. Our tools make monitoring your online reputation a snap.

The Benefits of Effective Reputation Management

Managing a healthcare provider’s reputation takes a lot of work, but putting out review requests and monitoring your online presence is well worth your time. Here are a few benefits to help you understand the importance of medical reputation management:

  • New patients will trust you more if you have many good reviews and star ratings for your exceptional services. A five-star rating is the best you can get on platforms like Google, and that’s a goal your healthcare business should aim for. Which physician do you think a patient would choose: one with an overall three-star rating or one with 4.7 stars?
  • Responding to reviews can build trust and show guests you care about their patient experiences. It reassures patients when they see doctors monitor and respond to their reviews. Responding to a bad review is also a smart way to tell your side of the story.
  • Healthcare online reputation management can bring providers more organic traffic. That means your healthcare business may pay less for ads.

Overcoming Challenges in Reputation Management

Healthcare reputation management isn’t all sunshine and roses. One of the biggest challenges in reputation management is getting patient feedback in the first place. Getting customers to talk about their patient experience is like pulling teeth for many healthcare organizations. Patients often leave reviews when they have something bad to say about healthcare providers.

Healthcare professionals can encourage positive reviews by offering incentives. For instance, providers can offer a small gift card or discount on services in exchange for a review about their organization.

If you’re having trouble collecting reviews, use text messages to ask for patient feedback. Weave’s tools allow you to do this easily. Patients like this option because it gives them control over when and where they leave a review.

Strategies for Optimizing Your Online Presence

Here’s how to optimize your online reputation:

  • Confirm that all your online profiles are accurate and complete. That includes your Google Business Profile, plus profiles on Vitals, Healthgrades, and WebMD.
  • Automate review requests by sending patients a text message reminder before they leave.
  • Ensure your website is as functional as it is beautiful. Looks and usability play a big role in how prospective customers see your practice. If your website is unattractive or slow to load, it’ll put a bad taste in users’ mouths.
  • Doctors should reply to every review they get, whether positive or negative. Yes, this is time-consuming, but it shows patients you care. If you’re too busy to respond personally, try Weave. It comes with an AI assistant to craft customized replies automatically for you.
  • Once you’ve built up a good collection of five-star reviews, feature some of them on your website. A few good testimonials could be enough to convince someone to pick up the phone and make an appointment.
  • Consider taking things a step further with video testimonials. They’re very powerful because people like to listen when others share their stories.

Leveraging Technology for Reputation Management

Managing one’s reputation is challenging for healthcare providers, but doctors can use Weave’s software to make the process a breeze. Our software comes with tools such as:

  • Text message reminders to prompt your patient to leave a review
  • Real-time notifications that alert you when someone leaves a review about their patient experience
  • AI-based assistant to generate customized responses to reviews

Case Studies and Success Stories

Not sure whether healthcare reputation management is worth your time? Check out these success stories from practices that used Weave to get more reviews:

Riverfront Dental office manager Rachael Fox says, “Before we started using Weave, we had just a few Google reviews. Now we have over 150, and it’s our number-one source for new patients.”

Ankur Gupta, owner of North Ridgeville Family Dentistry, has this to say: “We’re getting about seven reviews per month, when previously we were getting one review every month or two.”

Manage Healthcare Reputation With Weave

Healthcare reputation management is an excellent way to keep tabs on patient satisfaction and draw in more potential patients, but it’s not without challenges for healthcare providers. If your brand could use a helping hand with building trust, try Weave.

Our software comes with the tools you need to monitor your reputation and solicit those vital reviews. To learn more about reputation management for healthcare providers, book a demo of Weave now.

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